Lady parts. Pussy. Punani. Coochie. There’s tons of words to describe the vagina, because apparently a lot of people are still not able to call it by it’s name.

Vagina vagina vagina vagina.

Vulva. It’s really not that hard. But for some reason, the female genitals still have a negative, sometimes shameful connotation. A big problem here is that most people don’t even know the set up. That the vulva is what you see on the outside, the vagina is on the inside (it’s also ok if you call the whole thing vagina). No one ever taught me that in school, and that’s just the really brief overview.

 What we also don’t get taught, is that all of our vaginas look different.

Some are bigger, some are smaller. Sometimes the inner lips (also called are small and hidden, sometimes they show on the outside, because they are simply bigger. Some are really pink, some are a darker. And all of that is just fine. What’s not fine, is that we all have a picture in mind: THE PERFECT VAGINA. Clean shaven. Innocent. Tight. Plump. No unwanted liquids emerging at the wrong time.

I know so many girls who have been feeling weird about their partner going down on them because they get such a close up of something that might be “imperfect”.

 Vulva surgery is trending and to be honest, that really has me worrying. How far do we really want to go?? And where does it come from? In my opinion, next to the people we sleep with, society plays a big role, as per usual. From an early age on, we get taught that our vagina is something shameful. Period blood on your pants or coming out during sex? OH MY GAWD. There’s whole body shaming articles about the camel toe (which is sport regularly, because I simply don’t give a fuck), but have you ever seen anyone get shamed about a dick print? Of course not, because a visible penis is a sign of masculinity, whereas a visible vagina is something nasty. We’re all familiar with the term BDE (big dick energy) which stands for being a confident baller (lol), but I assure you, BIG VAGINA ENERGY not something that anyone would have prided themselves with.  

The big question is: How can we change all of that? I feel like we have a really long way to go. If I talk to my friends, I would say that at least 50 per cent admit, that they haven’t been happy with the way their vulva looks at least once in their life. And that’s okay, comparing yourself is normal. But it’s the same as with general body confidence: You need to learn to love your vagina. And you need to be progressive with it.

Ask loud for tampons, don’t whisper. Grow your pubic hair out or shave it off if you feel like it. Don’t apologize or be ashamed for bleeding. An unpleasant smell from time to time is normal (hello hormones, hello cycle).

Stop feeling ashamed and stop feeling like your vulva has to look a certain way because that’s how they look in porn. 

Your vagina is fine as it is. And no one who is worth it, will ever tell you anything else or make you feel uncomfortable about it. So stick with the real ones, the ones who love you AND your pretty damn perfect vagina.


by Jana