We are used to blood, everyone is. We are confronted with blood everyday, let it be Grey’s Anatomy or some crime show. No one blinks an eye anymore.

So why do grown ass women still whisper when they ask their colleagues for tampon?

It blows my mind. Is it because we don’t want our male colleagues to know we’re on our period? Because they are too sensitive to handle the fact that us women do bleed? Do they maybe find it gross? Sorry, wrong time to consider your male colleagues/friends/family members feeling. There is nothing more natural than period blood. It’s not scary, not gross. There is no reason to lock that mini to super sized tampon in your hand on the way to the toilet like you’re about to do some coke.

One example on how stigmatized women on their period are: When artist Rupi Kaur posted a picture of herself, lying on the bed, bloodstain between her legs on Instagram, it got removed by the platform. Twice. Of course, afterwards they apologized and said it got deleted “by accident”. If you think about that, it says so so much about society. You can post any half naked sexy ass picture (nothing wrong with that, don’t get me wrong) but a blood stain is considered too offensive. We shouldn’t only be able to post our bodies up in the most flattering, mainstream sexy way, but also just how they are naturally, blood stains included.

We all bleed, it’s not a secret, not that big of a deal. So why are we still ashamed? Question: Is a flawless image more important to us than being authentic/who we are? Is it so important that we have to make completely natural things into something we should feel uncomfortable about? Considering our vagina, are the only acceptable topics to associate it with sex and birth? If so, we should stop right here. It is that much more.

Let’s accept and celebrate our bodies and what they do, what they need and what they provide for us.

And with that, I’m not saying we should wave around our bloody tampons, but I’m asking everyone to chill out on this topic. It’s not that deep. Let’s all get over it and treat as exactly what it is: Natural and normal. I could keep going on and on about this, but I think you get the gist of what I’m trying to say. Let’s not make our period a social taboo anymore - we should be allowed to talk about it as much and as loud as we want. Period.



by Jana