The future is not female, it is INTERSECTIONAL. This requires us, as so-called feminists to look around, listen and most of all: Learn. White feminists have made many mistakes in the past and are still making them now, the biggest one is not acknowledging and including the importance of racial justice and the fight against racism within the feminist movement. White women, we as a whole have so much more to learn. We need to humble our damn selves, because the journey to being truly woke on these topics is a long one, but more than just necessary, it is vital. We need to change the toxic standards and we can only do that all together.

We need to acknowledge our privilege, the comfort and carelessness that it brings with itself – and that we have no clue how it feels to be without it.

Denying your privilege is a racist action in itself. So remind yourself of your privilege, check it, on the daily.

I was slightly worried about writing this article, because I might get certain things wrong (also, feel free to contact and correct me). But shining a light on this issue was more important to me, as I see so many people, especially white women, dismissing the issue – all the time. Which is not okay. The system of racism is so engrained within us by society so we have to actively do something against it. All in all, it always comes down to this: If we don’t use our privilege, our outlets to speak on these issues, why are we even claiming to be a feminist in the first place?

So I am calling all white women (including myself) to be on this topic every single day. I want us to educate our minds (ourselves!) and listen to women of color every single day. By this I do not men that WOC have to educate us. We have to do the work ourselves. This is why I collected articles and Instagram accounts you should read and follow, which are all about this topic – to educate yourself and to get better, to be more aware of your privilege and of what you can do. And: There is a highly important new e-book out (you can download it for free, see below) by Layla F. Saad, that is all about the work we have to do when it comes to our white privilege. You can also find the download link below.

With this article I am holding all of us accountable: Advocate for women of color, be on their side always and use your privilege to fight for and with them. If you have an outlet in any way, let it be an Instagram account or a blog or if you’re the creative director of a big company make sure to include women of color in your narrative. Share their stories, lift up their voices. Always. There are no excuses. And if you find yourself making them, remind yourself and get better, because that’s what it’s all about. Accepting, learning and educating the people around you and YOURSELF. Fighting racism – a system established by white people – is our duty, not the duty of POC.

It is not enough to be non racist, we must be anti-racist. So let’s listen, let’s learn, let’s read, let’s spread the word. 

These are some articles/instagram accounts of women who will educate you better than I ever could.

First of all. Download @laylafsaad new ME AND WHITE SUPREMACY WORKBOOK
which is an essential to read for white people. It’s all about white privilege, how to actually do the work, to dig deep into your privilege and to change the standards. Also, it’s free - so go get it now. We both already downloaded it.

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