Being on your period as a woman is something only women understand. How you can slowly feel it coming. For me it’s mostly with just wanting to eat everything that’s around me. And then comes the pain. These are things that are legit talked about and people know about it, it’s accepted.

What we don’t talk about as much is how shitty and depressed we feel a lot of times during our period. The mental pain.

Especially for women who take the pill, this one week can be pretty damn tough. Why? It’s not just our natural cycle, it’s also the withdrawal symptoms that play in, because let’s face it, we do take a drug every single day. Shit can hit the fan real quick, let me tell you. I don’t just feel tired, I feel sad, depressed and I’m hyper, hyper sensitive. And trust me, I’m trying not to be. But one thing my partner does, and honestly I just become at total bitch or a crybaby, I’m not even gonna try to deny it. The thing is, that this still gets down played a lot, like it’s nothing, and like we should just get it together. Well, it ain’t that easy. I’m a person who’s basically always in a good mood, I don’t have mood swings at all, besides when I’m on my period, so it throws me off big time.

But since we gotta deal somehow – not for others, but for our own wellbeing, I’m gonna try to lay out for you how I deal best.

I avoid conflict. You wanna come at me, that’s your thing. But when I see something upsetting me, I try to hold on for a minute and think – is this really me? Or am I overreacting? If I feel like I’m either gonna burst in tears I go outside, simple. If it’s at home, I’m gonna tell the person (my partner, friends, fam). I simply explain the situation and that I need a moment to get it together. You’ll see, after about 15 minutes, you will be glad you didn’t start something.

I don’t do important, potentially emotional meetings or talks. It sounds a bit over the top, but if I can, I avoid that at all costs and push them. Same goes for mercury retrograde btw.

I plan things that make me happy. Your manicure? Put it in that week. That massage you wanted to try for forever? Book it.

I take my me time. I watch my youtube videos, I do my face masks, I go to bed early, I read a book.

I cry, if I feel like it.

I still follow my routine. Just because I’m on my period, it doesn’t mean I’m out of order. Yes, working out is tougher, but I still do it. Even if it’s hard at first, the endorphins make up for it, I promise.

I eat (mostly) healthy. I have a very, very big sweet tooth, and I do give into my cravings but around it I try to eat healthy. We all know that our body is not 100 when we’re on our period, so at least try to do get in the goodness.

For the record, this is just me of course. You might have something totally different that helps (let me know) or maybe your period doesn’t affect you as much. But anyways, remember that you shouldn’t let people blame you for it and that it’s something completely natural. Anything the boys can do, we can do bleeding. 


by Jana