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We are all about empowering women, right? That’s amazing.

Unfortunately, sometimes we forget a special woman when it comes to pushing confidence and that woman is ourselves. 

Like I wrote before in my article about body confidence, I’m happy with my body. But I also catch myself and basically all the women I know talk bad about our own bodies. We somehow don’t manage to show as much love to them as to the ones of our loved ones. But why? As I’m growing older (physically, mentally, spiritually), I’m becoming more and more aware of energies. The ones that go out and the ones that come in. So if I’m rigorous with the ones that come from the outside, why am I not as strict with the ones coming from within? Fact is, if you project negative thinking onto your body, it will ultimately make you feel bad. 

In order to feel good and happy about your body one of the most important steps is to talk positive about it. This can happen in multiple ways. If you have negative thoughts about your body when you’re by yourself try to cut them out and to replace them with positive affirmations. It can be something easy like putting a little post it on your mirror that says “I love my body”. Or saying something out loud like “My stretch marks are beautiful” – what you say and think about your body is nutrition, too.

What you put in is what will come out. So feed goodness, always.

Another thing is how you talk about your body in front of others. That’s really starting to annoy me, big time. When we are in a conversation with other women and one starts criticizing her body, why are the others ALWAYS jumping in? We all know it: “Yes I also wanna loose some weight” or “I also have so much cellulite” etc, etc. But what is it helping? It’s definitely not gonna help the other women, only positivity and empowerment will. So next time, stop bringing yourself down in the conversation and rather push the other persons confidence.

Something else I want to mention - I am not a mother yet, but my advice to anyone would be: Do not talk bad about your body in front of your children (or the ones of other people). If you call yourself fat, tell them you want to go on a diet, et cetera, it will ultimately affect their body image in a negative way. And you want your children to feel good about themselves, right?

All in all, it always comes back to energy. What you put in is what you will get out.

Practicing self love for your body (and actually mean it) in front of yourself and others will take you and your body places.

The whole point is to feel happy about yourself. So be kind to your body, always, and don’t allow that negativity to creep in. 



By Jana