CO-FOUNDER OF blackBIKE in Munich

Chiara is a true power house and a radiant soul (like all three blackBike founders) and ever since meeting her we are in awe of her and her co-founders Maxi and Lena – even though they kick our butts in class regularly. We love the energy that she imprints on you in her class. So we just had to sit down with her to talk bringing a new vision to life, being friends and co-founders, her dedication, health and more. And if you have never been to blackBike - book your class now. You won’t regret it - and you maybe meeting Chiara herself.

1. What type of person are you? Describe yourself in 3 words/how would friends describe you?
Since founding blackBIKE with Maxi and Lena I’ve become a more structured person. I also feel like I’ve got to known my physical abilities since teaching regularly. Friends would describe me as a bright character since I always try to make the most out of my days.

2. Have you always been this high spirited, motivated, radiant person or has working out changed you?
Playing sports has always been a very important compensation in my life. Whenever something put me down I used physical activities as an outlet.

3. How do you motivate yourself?/what do you do if your motivation is lower or you don’t feel good?
Music plays a big factor in my motivation. Also spiritual related workouts like yoga challenge me to become a better self. I don’t let lacks of motivation hint me from my long-term goals. I live with them and accept them and try to keep them to a minimum.

4. You started blackBIKE with Lena and Maxi. How did you guys start out? How did you meet? How came the idea together?Since all of us went to the same university, we got to know each other and decided to go to San Diego for a semester abroad. It all simply started whit falling in love with the concept over there. After taking several classes every week we became addicted to cycling and wanted to continue doing it back home. However, we could not find a similar class in Munich, so we made up our mind about opening blackBIKE pretty quickly.

5. What made you go after your dream of opening blackBIKE?
Thinking about introducing a whole new way of cycling to the German market and most importantly sharing our love for riding the bike with others, making them become addicted to being in the blackBOX with us.

6. What’s the biggest obstacle you (all) had to overcome before or during founding blackBIKE?
EVERYTHING. Nothing comes easy when starting a business but it all pays off after a while. We never took a step back and did not let challenges become set backs. We learned so much along the way, that our obstacles probably became our biggest gifts.

7. What has no one told you before starting a business?
50% of what I had to learn along the way of becoming an entrepreneur: You can never get too much advice!

8. How is the dynamic between the three of you?
Very well when considering that we are three independent and open minded women. Of course more minds result in more opinions coming together and there is always a few differences but at the end of the day we see eye to eye on most things and we definitely do on all the important stuff. 

9. In your classes, you often talk about fulfilling your dream and about the importance of working hard towards your goals. For someone who hasn't found a business, how would you explain that?
Whatever your long-term goal is, break it up, take a step back and look at the whole process as a journey and take it step by step. It's that "simple". One step follows the other and eventually they become bigger and bigger. Stops and obstacles included, you will reach your goal. One way or the other.

10. The best advice that you would give our readers?
Find YOUR thing. Do whatever works best for you. Work out mornings or nights, find what suits you best! Eat healthy, but what YOU like. Don't listen to others and their preferences. Find your own and your overall life becomes better. Take joy in the things you do because otherwise... What's the point?!

11. What does discipline mean to you and how do you achieve it daily?
Discipline is but the fuel for your success. Without discipline you are going nowhere in life. It starts with disciplining yourself to the simple things in life like making your bed every morning. Remind yourself, if necessary with notes, alarms etc. Everything that needs to be done.... Do it. You will see yourself in a much better position after disciplining yourself to small things. 

To me, it is an everyday thing that really helps me become a

better person.

For example, I don't want to be a person that throws their trash anywhere but where it belongs, so not on the floor or out of my car window. Discipline yourself to picking the stuff up straight away after you dropped it, carry it to the next bin and dispose it there. Say thank you and your welcome, open doors for others... Just become the person you want to be with and want to be around.  

12. How important is mental health and well-being to you and how do you work on it?
Very. Healthy Mind, healthy Body, healthy Spirit. The Balance between all three is what keeps us grounded. I try to include exercises, routines and time for each of them in my week. Fridays for example I take care about my mental self, meditate, take a bath and think about MY life. It's the only day of the week that I solely think about myself first instead of the business.

13. Who do you admire?/who inspires you?
Too many people along the way to name it. I take inspiration from everywhere and everyone. Being exposed to many different characters and situations in life makes you grow, which is a beautiful thing about our life and something I really appreciate.

14. Your pro tips if you have a bad day?
There are none. Once you take it in and accept that: Gratitude is the key to energy, bad energy leaves your life almost completely. There is always something to complain about. But there is always more to be happy about and to be grateful for. Life itself, being healthy, here, right now, having the family and friends that you have been graced with and looking at all the other blessings in your life that others will never get to experience, like walking, being able to laugh, smell, run, move freely and in a save place... 

There is too many bad things going on in other places of the world, to have a bad day in our situation. 

15. For anyone being insecure, where and how do you build up confidence?
To be honest, confidence comes with acceptance, so accepting the situation and life you've been given is the biggest step you could take towards becoming a more confident individual.

16. What is your dream for yourself and blackBIKE?/future plans?
That people everywhere we take the company associate the name with a powerful workout and a fun time in the blackBOX. It really is a feeling and a message that we created and want to get out there. You can only experience it, explaining it is hard. My dream is it to get as many people as possible to experience this at least once in their lifetime.