It’s been a while since I got personal on here about body confidence and body image. That doesn’t mean it’s something I don’t think about. To be honest, I think about it almost every day. 

When it comes to body confidence, there’s no such thing as a quick fix, you will not love yourself unconditionally overnight – even if you try your best. When I think about my own body, there’s always something. One day I like my boobs, one day I would like to book a surgery. One day I like looking at my face, the next day I get scared when I accidentally turn on the front camera. My point is: Being fully happy and in tune with my appearance is a struggle. And sometimes I’m not sure if I will ever be fully at ease.

Body positivity is a big word. And that word means well. Social media makes it seem so easy. But when I check myself out in the mirror, I don’t feel positive ever day. There are days, when I look in the mirror and my mood drops to a really low point. And that is okay.

Fact is, you probably don’t feel the same love for your body each and every day. What’s important is, that there’s always love there. Even if it’s just a glimpse sometimes.

For me personally, time plays a huge part in how I love, accept and respect my body. That means giving myself time and investing time. Let’s start with giving myself time. On days where I don’t feel great about myself, I try to stay neutral. I try to not bring myself down or let negative emotions ruin my day. Because deep down I know, that I will probably feel very different in a week time. That doesn’t mean I force myself to feel great about, it just means I will not judge my body. I will try my very best to stay neutral. I will take a deep breath and think about all the things my body can do every day, that I actually take for granted. And most of the times, I feel very different a few hours later. Our bodies are in a constant shift over the course of our lives and that’s how it’s supposed to be. What we owe our bodies is to practice acceptance and ultimately the love we have towards it.

Investing time is a different story. Personally, it has a lot to do with self care. In my case it is going to the gym four times per week. These hours are there for me, just me. I can tune out of the world and focus on me and my body, I can feel its strength and movement. Same goes for spoiling my body. With a meditation, with a new set of lingerie, a nice bath or a body oil. Or a delicious home cooked meal. It helps me appreciate my body for what it can do and for what it looks like at the same time. I can feel it in da different way. The sensual part is a nice bonus of course.

The key to being body positive is accepting setbacks and times of struggle. To see our bodies as ever changing and evolving, just like our minds. To stop judging and start living with it in the best way possible. And to understand that we sometimes have to pause and be grateful for all the amazing things that our bodies are, instead of dwelling on what they supposedly aren’t. 


by Jana