I love my job. I love my blog. I love working out every morning. I love reading. I love building something for myself. But to be honest – it can get really fucking exhausting.  As much as I would like to just chill and binge on Netflix, there’s rarely time to do so without bad conscience. If we look around, it feels like everyone is doing something and stepping up their game. Which is good, because it’s motivating. But at the same time, it causes pressure, the pressure we give ourselves. The pressure to be productive ALL THE TIME, because we feel that otherwise, it’s just not enough. And let’s face it, we can love our job(s) as much as we want, sometimes our creativity, our productivity and drive is just not showing up. And what happens? We feel bad about it (and now, we shouldn’t, because it’s normal, but we still do). We have such high expectations for ourselves to constantly be on our A game, it can be overwhelming at times. The good news? There’s things you can do to get your groove back. 

Just relax

Accepting a low day, week or even month is tricky but necessary. Don’t force yourself to be productive. Try to relax and not stress too much about it, because that will make it ten times worse. Sometimes our mind and body tell us subconsciously that it’s vital to lay low from time to time, so trust them. Learning to listen to your body will benefit you greatly in these situations, otherwise you just drag the situation out or even worse, get physically sick.

Stop doubting yourself

Self doubt comes easily when we you feel productive. Suddenly, everything you do feels wrong, stupid and not good enough. Try to stop yourself from going down this road of negativity. Don’t stop believing in yourself. Know, that this time will pass and you will feel brand new sooner than you might think.

Give your brain an easy push

If you stick to the same routines and activities day by day, your brain will get bored eventually. In general, but even more in an unproductive phase, try to experience new things. Watch an inspiring film in a cinema you haven’t been before, go on a day trip to another city, start painting or go to a new restaurant. This all doesn’t sound too special, but trust me, it’s worth it. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that inspire us, we just have to open our eyes.

Stop comparing yourself

Even when you feel like your best friend or co-worker is so quick and confident with what they’re doing, trust me – they are not. We’re all in this together, we all sometimes feel on top of our game and sometimes we feel like we’re failing. And that’s okay. Try not to compare yourself to the accomplishments of someone else, because in the end, you only have to measure up to your own standards. 

Reduce your workload (as much as possible)

Ramping up your productivity is easier when you are well structured. So try to make a priority list, this will give you an easy overview on what you have to do and what is maybe not so urgent. And more importantly: What you can leave out. Working based on this list (roughly) will help you feel less overwhelmed, which is often a cause for lack of productivity.

All in all my advice is:

Don’t stress yourself too much.

We all have great days and not so great days. The important thing is to a) cut yourself some slack and chill and b) try to get into it in a healthier way than before. Just know: You’re doing amazing, sweetie and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise (also not your subconsciousness).


by Jana