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© These Girls


Everyone always wants big boobs. Except if you have big boobs.

They hang. The point a little downwards. They do not feel or look sexy all the time. They are the reason I cannot wear what I want to wear, what I see on other girls, what I think is sexy or cute. They are the reason why I very often felt embarrassed; why I did not own up to my full potential. They were the reason I was not confident in naked situations for a very long time. They were the reason why I for a long time did not feel like a regular teen/twen even because my girlfriend’s boob looked better. They destroyed every piece of excitement when (bra) shopping or unwrapping an online order crushing all the confidence in seconds because they made the ordered piece look simply ridiculous on me. Losing weight made me lose weight – not just on my boobs. They were also an issue in previous relationships being told my boobs do not fit my age (well, a natural 34DD or 75D to 80E is the reason why, dude) at all because they look like I already had three kids; then frantically researching plastic surgeons near me for a reduction and reviews and crying myself to sleep over it instead of researching for a new bf at that time. You always want what you can’t have – oh girl, that’s too damn sad.

Still after all these years I have managed to finally love them or at least appreciating them (depends on the day). Most of the times. The reasons are multiple ones: Being that they are healthy. Being happy when they make me look good in certain dresses. Being happy when my bf celebrates them – with or without a bra. And celebrating them. Boobs are hardly every perfect. And you know what, it’s more than okay.  After seeing models like Ashley Graham or Tess Holliday rocking theirs, after seeing more girls on social media with my figure and still rocking them, after seeing in general more boobs, after researching a lot of brands that do cater to us with big boobs, I started to like them. Yes, maybe I can never wear a strapless anything but hey, it’s okay.

Maybe it really is the tale of don’t change them, in this case yourself, simply change your attitude towards them or surroundings which I did. Maybe you have to go through some things to finally accept them. Of course, I can always get them done and at one point maybe I will. They are quite a handful (or two) but they are mine. So, girls, if you got them big, small, saggy, tiny, huge, symmetric or not – love them, get them checked out regularly and don’t hide them. Celebrate them. If you get bullied because of them, save yourself and them and get rid of the bully. If you can’t seem to find a dress that fits them, look again.

I admit, to me there is nothing sexier than small breasts because it’s seems such a natural, cool and perfect sexiness. Still I don’t have them and it’s okay. Maybe making peace with them after 15 years or so is better than beating myself up about them. After all, there is two of them – so they outnumber me anyway.


by Teresa