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Your vagina is magic, girl, pure magic. And not just because you can give birth, but also because of so many other things. That’s why I am honestly not sure if this text is even necessary anymore. Or let’s say, I hope it isn’t. But I still decided to write it, after getting lots of feedback from girls, whose partners still struggle with period sex - or they struggle themselves.

Period sex. First of all, I think it’s wrong to even call it that. It is just sex, like any other. I’ve dated men before who hate it and I’ve dated men who don’t care. Let’s just say, the first ones aren’t really an option for me anymore. Some may disagree and say: But it’s just a few days of the month, what’s the problem? And exactly this is the problem. We get constantly taught, that our vagina and especially our period is something shameful (I wrote about period shaming in this article here) – and it’s not, I’m simply not entertaining that thought anymore. So if a lot of people still treat it as if it were something to feel embarrassed about, how can things change?

 To me, it is important, to literally not fuck with people, who have a problem with my menstruation.

It sounds strict and radical, but I refuse to be around someone, to makes me feel bad about it. The period is something necessary for the female body. It is not something you can push aside, you can forget about. It will happen. Maybe not every four weeks (depending on birth control and other factors), but it will. If you don’t feel like it yourself, that’s up to you – you decide, because your menstruation is yours and you have the power over it and your body. But if you’re unsure, you should know – there are many benefits. The orgasm will help you with pain relief, meaning your cramps won’t be as strong after. Your period can even be shortened because during sex, there’s a lot of movement and pressure involved, which means the blood can flow faster and easier. The biggest benefit, at least in my opinion, is the boost of body confidence it will give you. Society’s standards are literally engraved in us, so if you are with a partner that doesn’t give a shit about blood on his sheets or even finds it interesting, girl – celebrate that shit!

Bottom line: Your period is part of you.

What comes out of your vagina is not gross or shameful. It is completely normal.

And you should learn to be comfortable with it, just as much as with the rest of your body. Self love is the absolute key here. And dating someone who accepts you, all of you, certainly doesn’t hurt.


by Jana