I first experienced it really living while living in the US fifteen years ago. Maybe it was the Midwestern thing, but I took it home with me: Giving out compliments to other girls. Pointing something out that you really liked on or about someone. While I was touched receiving them because they would make feel better instantly, I also never forgot to give back.

As one sentence can really damage someone, a compliment can lift someone up not only making their day but so much more. A compliment can go a very long way.

We sometimes forget what kind of an impact a small compliment has.

You made their day better and this is worth everything. To make their day better, to save their day, to keep them going, to make them proud.

We like that by complimenting someone you inspire them with your kindness and your honesty. We also love it because it’s admiring someone’s beauty without questioning your own. Back in the day it felt not like that.

The new kind of compliments we are digging? Instead of saying “I love your skirt” or “Cute shoes”, every once in a while try to give compliments like “I love that you are so kind”, “I love your spirit – it motivates me” or “I love your smile” or “I admire honesty” or “I love how you treat those around you.”

No matter if you are on the giving or the receiving end, they simply feel good.

It’s probably one of the easiest and fastest way to empower one. Of course, you shouldn’t need a compliment to feel good about yourself, of course, you shouldn’t rely on them for your happiness, but still, they are lovely. They can turn your mood, your day or your motivation around in only a few seconds.

What we also love about compliments, they are simply a lovely and easy opener to meeting new people, they are ice breakers and can even put a smile on the most closed up, insecure or tense person’s face.

If you receive them, take the time to enjoy them. When we receive one we often tend to play it down. Learn to enjoy your compliments. If they are truly and 100% from the heart or not, don’t question it, just bathe in it.

Put them in a box and take them out whenever you feel like you need them.

Maybe let you pause and accept or explore features about you that you don’t even see anymore or have never seen about yourself. Simply say thank you and smile.



by Teresa