We all wanna live our best lives, don’t we? Strangely enough, there is something that often keeps us from doing what we actually want to do. The opinion of the people around us. But I am sure – you can only live your best life, if you stop caring about what others think. It is an essential habit that you should practice in order to make your life easier.

With that I’m not saying that you shouldn’t take advice from people you trust or listen to them if they have your best interests at heart. I’m also not saying you should only do whatever you please no matter the effects it has on others. What I’m saying is, that we need to work on our authenticity, individuality and independency every day. Often we are too eager to please people, because yes, community is nice and something we crave naturally but sometime we get lost in it or forget what we actually stand for.

But you can never, ever please everyone, so in order to become our best selves, we have to learn to stop caring about what others think.

Here are some little tricks I use in order to stay true to myself, stand up for myself and know what wanna stand for.

Know and remember what you stand for.

We all have our values and knowing them or even better writing them down for yourself, will help you to know what’s important to you in life. Being set on your ideals will make you less likely to back down. Everyone has different values in life and that’s okay but we should stand up for the ones we have and respect the ones of the people around us. If you know them, you will speak out for them, not caring what the next person thinks.

Surround yourself with people who empower you.

Having a moment where someone is trying to make you crumble? In such situations it’s important to have people in your life, allies even, who know your principles and who empower you in your decisions (and are not afraid to remind you of them), even if you’re scared or struggling. Scared to start that blog because you’re not sure what your co workers will think? Afraid of quitting your job because your parents might not like it? Sometimes hearing “who cares what they think” from your bff or your partner is all it takes to make the move.

Look at the people you admire.

Who do you admire? Why do you admire them? It’s sure as hell not because they’re doing what everybody else thinks they should. Find role models, let it be Michelle Obama or Ashley Graham and get inspired by their journeys. Research how they did what they did and find ways on how you can adopt it to your own.

Be rational (from time to time).

If you’re scared that someone will put you in a box or see you in a different way because of something that you’re doing for yourself, be rational and remember: It is entirely up to them and has nothing to do with you. Don’t be scared of them judging you – look at tip number one and remember what you stand for. You won’t be afraid to make mistakes if it’s aligned with what you believe in.

Stop seeking approval.

This is a tough one (because it’s within us) but also the most important one. We are trained to seek approval from day one and disagreeing with people on things can be very challenging because of that. If people are trying to make you feel bad about something that IS YOU (the way your dress, the job you have, etc) simply try not to let it get to you. If it’s what you want and what is good for you, do it. You don’t need approval from anyone. It’s your life and you are responsible to live it to make yourself happy.


All in all what I wanna tell you is: Love yourself. Be yourself. Stand for your ideals. Do what’s best for you. Because really, who cares what THEY think.



by Jana