You still awake? Good, then this is for you. Insomnia can be a real bitch and you know it. I’ve been struggling with it ever since I was a teenager. Yup, not cool but that’s why we rounded up 6 tip that help you slip into dreamland easier. Tried and proven! So snooze away, you are welcome!

1. Journal the shit outta yourself
Your brain will thank you later. Yes, whatever your brain holds, all the thoughts, all the worries, all the overthinking - all the going back and forth will end if you either journal and put everything to paper - or if you talk to someone. But if you make journaling your routine, it can become your night time ritual and your mind feels lifted, clear and at ease.

2. Let’s meditate, bitch
Overthinking kills chilled nights. I can write a book about this, trust me. But: We can only repeat ourselves - if journaling is not for you (which is fine) please try mediating. We are not talking about 30 minutes - start slow, try out one of the fantastic apps (we like Oak,etc.) and try it for a few minutes. Give it a try - the mindful breathing takes away possible anxiety and tension plus it’s a few minutes that you have fully to yourself.

3. Mother’s little helper
No shame in some help. I spray my pillow with a lavender mist from This Works, I put a balm like the Perfect Nacht Sleeping Balm by bynacht on my pulse points with. CBD oil for the tougher nights, or oil against anxiety of You & Oil which I put my feet and my solar plexus; and I light a scened candle with benefits like the L.A. Bruket with coriander against anxiety. I also take magnesium because it is said to relax the muscles and helps to sleep into dreamland easier. And yes, a hot water bottle helps wonders. Because falling asleep with cold feet is nearly impossible.

4. Exercise your mind
If you are not into journaling or mediating but still feel uneasy after your day with tons of impressions and in general a fast life. One little exercise you can do without anything every night: Imagine your blanket - a rectangle - and image each corner of the blanket holds one question for you. You can make out the questions as you prefer. Here is some inspo: 1. Corner: What am I grateful for? / 2. Corner: What was my favorite moment of the day? / 3rd. Corner: I was able to do this today… and 4. Corner: I am proud of me today because… etc. and so on. This is a beautiful and positive ending of the day and will make you mindful about things that passed super quickly throughout the day.

5. Make peace before shutting your eyes
Always. No exceptions. A rule my mom taught me ever since I was litte. Don’t go to bed when are still fighting, not speaking, still arguing or struggling with with your partner, your bestie or a family member – it should be resolved before closing your eyes and gliding into dreamland. Your subconscious will go crazy and weird dreams or nightmares will follow if you are for example sleeping in the same bed but still have the biggest fight going on unresolved - at least that’s the case with me. 

6. Make a good old list
Figure out why? If it’s easier for you, write down your tomorrows to dos, things you can’t forget or are super important like a calling your insurance, sending that letter. So your brain is “cleared” in a way. Also if this helps, put out your outfit the night before - whatever eases your brain. 


by Teresa