Ever been really disappointed in someone? Like so deep it hurts your soul?  Now imagine: have you been ever disappointed this badly in ...yourself?

The range of disappointment is broad. Some people get over it quickly and brush it off - other people hang on to this feeling and feast on it in a way that’s not positive. Basically they struggle. 

Sitting on disappointment is not far from regret and that is toxic. Whether it’s a test you failed, you bouncing back to the toxic friend- or relationship you deep down know you swore to yourself that you don’t go back, whether it’s little stuff or life changing things. It can lead to questioning things you were not even insecure about before? The longer you dwell on it, the longer you will question yourself and at one point be insecure.

No one wants to be in this state for forever. That’s why we rounded up 10 tips to help you see disappointment with different eyes and get over it:

1. You can’t change what already happened
Newsflash: It’s already the past what happened that led to being disappointed. Acknowledge that fact and you can’t change the past. You can’t go back, so better face the now. 

2. Mistakes are a good thing
We all make mistakes, we all grow from failures. Don’t be too hard on yourself. NO one was born perfect or makes all the right decisions all the time. Others simply chose not to talk about it.

3. Don’t hold on
The longer you hold on to things, the more it turns into a grudge. And who would want to hold a grudge towards themselves? Don’t let the emotion grow - let it sink in, yes, but don’t expand it.

4. No negative self talk, please
Double check: is it really that bad or is negative self talk and overthinking painting a picture in your mind that is simply wrong?

5. You never know…
Sometimes you need to sit it out: and you will only know later what it was good for you or it happened for a reason

6. Journal you disappointment away
Words can be healing! So why not direct the words towards yourself? Write down your feelings. 

7. Forgive yourself
Yes, forgive yourself: you would forgive a friend if she/he apologizes most likely. Why not yourself? Be kind to yourself: say it; I have fucked up. And it’s okay.

8. Disappointment should be temporary
It simply can’t go on forever that’s why after you journaled your pain away, and you talk about it, after you experienced this emotion, stop blowing it into focus every time you think of it.

9. What can you learn from the situation?
Can you grow from it? Have your expectations been too high? Or set towards the wrong goal?
This is something you can re-evaluate when you are honest with yourself and see what you can learn it

No matter if you disappointed yourself with a bad decision or a reaction you wish would’ve went differently or if someone disappointed you - in the end you need to get over it. Point your energy to what’s coming not to take a longer look at the past. 


by Teresa