New research suggests that the brain of close friends  respond similarly when stimulated to the point that researches said they could predict the strength of a friendship based on brains scans alone (source: NYT).
We say, we always felt that.

My BFF is – no surprise there – J. We hold each other down. We accept each other. She accepts all of my moods. She calls me out and tells me the truth and vice versa. And more importantly she has always empowered me, for example, to wear certain things. 

We have our periods synced

I keep the parking ticket because she’s going to lose it. And she cooks because I am a loser in the kitchen. I remind her about meetings and she reminds me about not stressing out about meetings. I take her home safely after a night in the club and she gets me to the club in the first place. We got our first tattoos together. We have our periods synced. When one has no money at the end of the month, the other one feeds the “poor” one. What sounds like an old married couple still learning from each other. 

To us nothing is embarrassing. We agree like 99% of all times and have the same taste in 99% of the cases (just not on Ed Sheeran and when it comes to super bulky dad-sneakers). When we do not agree with each other on something, we are there for each other when the other one was right after all.

Not everything is peachy all the time...

Over the course of years, we had our not so peachy moments which is normal. But we have been at each other’s side for over 7 years (omg, honey!) and often a BFF like her knows you better than you know yourself – at least in tricky situations when you lost your focus for a minute.

Why a BFF is essential

Why a BFF is essential? She is like the sister you never had, extended family, it’s the one who is not afraid to speak the truth, it’s the one that picks you up when you forget how to do it yourself for a minute. She is the one who should inspire you. She is the one who never makes you feel alone even when you are single. With her you have the best and finest conversations. The beauty of a deep friendship with another woman is that it naturally evolves over the years because we all grow (up) and change. We need that special bond among strong females.

We need stronger bonds among each other

We have met so many women of all ages and from different countries over the years that we learned from and who shaped us – often even someone that you only met once can be highly inspiring. You can call them “BFFs for a day”. I want something out of every conversation when I feel like I clicked with a girl. Women need to share more with each other to create stronger bonds. Also, we need to talk about the stuff that goes wrong. Take a minute and look around you. Find your match. Find your bestie and you never go through life alone. Don’t have a BFF yet? Keep your eyes and heart open. There is one for everyone out there. Sometimes it’s love it first sight, sometimes it’s someone you didn’t even like when meeting her for the first time. Of course, you won’t vibe with every female on this planet but keep the ones close where you feel like the energy is there.

One of the most precious things about our friendship is that we both extended our circle – some of J’s friends have become mine as well as the other way around. Surround yourself with beautiful people. Keep them in your life. You will find more and more BFFs along the way.


by Teresa