We are over fake vagina news. Are you? Okay, the vagina is a deep mystery to a lot of us. And we are not just talking about finding the G-spot. But no wonder: We have been hearing myths about it ever since we were young basically. So, this article is about time. Whether you did know it all, or if you are taking notes to drop some knowledge soon on your partner the next chance you get, remember it - to tell and teach your kids, nieces and nephews about the facts, facts, facts, and whoever wants and needs to hear it.

1. Not everyone has a hymen
Surprised? Some people are just born without it. Therefore, the hymen does not indicate if you are virgin or not and while we are at it: vaginal sex only does not indicate if you are still a virgin. Think about it!

2. Your vagina is more acidic than the rest of your body.
Did you know that? Be honest?

3. Your vagina is the most elastic part of your body
Whoop, whoop! We like that. Basically it means, you are more bendy than you know - even without the yoga.

4. A word or two about cleanses, steams and douches
All the cleanses, douches and steams we have been hearing about to advocate the cleanest cleanliness and the freshest freshness down there are a bit misleading and making us feel like we need to smell like a rose garden. Drumroll: Our vaginas are self-cleansing. And you really should avoid aggressive detergent or a loofah, a harsh peel (god forbid!) or whatever you think you need to do in order to make it smell fresh. Doctors even say just water and a very mild soap should be enough when it comes to cleaning. So don’t put deodorant or anything’ll that on it.. Also know, your vagina is fine.

5. No vagina looks exactly the same and no vulva looks identical
So basically there is millions of different ones. There is no perfect vagina - and if you think there is the one ideal, remember that even vaginas get photoshopped. Oh yes. What they do have in common? They have two sets of labia - outer and inner lips.

6. Your vagina can’t be stretched out by having a lot of sex
No, you simply can’t. There is this one of the weirdest myth we think. People saying (and who are we kidding, fucking low key judging) that if you have a lot of sex, you get loose in down under - and men can feel it. Nahhh, you don’t. While it especially feels maybe looser after just having had a kid, penises should stop believing they can ‘feel’ if a woman has had a lot of sex or not in terms of the width of her vagina. And girls should stop believing this crap.

7. Your vagina’s discharge is completely normal
Ain’t nothing to be afraid of or embarrassed of. Yes, and it lands in your panties. It’s also normal that it changes in consistency. Obviously if it changes in colors or odor, go see your gyno.

8. Your clit is a hell of a holding it together
Your clitoris has twice as many nerve endings as the tip of his penis. Wowsers! With an amazing amount between 6,000 and 8,000 nerve endings it's not really surprising that it's where orgasms originate from, don’t you think?

9. Your vagina naturally contains bacteria that keep it healthy
It’s recommend to not wash internally as it could disprupt the ph Balance and then things get, well, let’s call it as it is, fishy. You can over clean (See Myth No. 4)! What happens to skin if it’s over cleansed? It reacts irritated. Well. See a pattern?

10. Your vagina is healing itself
better than most other parts of the body at healing itself as the cells replenish very quickly. Rips and tears can heal within 48 hours. Omg, what a superhero move, vagina!