I feel like the biggest hypocrite writing this, but maybe its a good thing as we are constantly learning and this is what I should pay attention to more maybe (or so I have been told).

So it’s about time. Take this coming from a person who gets shit about it and sometimes feels like only a few people get it why I am what and how I am.

It’s about stressing less - in life and in our careers and personal relationships or whatever field you are dedicating your most time. I don’t want to give stress the power to rule my - or your life.

For me there are two kinds people suffering from stress: Someone who has a lot of stress due to a job or big projects and someone who creates stress for themselves by overthinking, trying to please everyone, not saying no, being hectic, being too nervous, being uncertain, etc. Lucky me, I am a mix out of both.

There are also people who secretly get a kick out of being busy and having too much on their plates. I believe in the fact that we should end the glorification of being busy but oh girl, who am I to talk.

I am writing this super openly as at least for me its to always meditating and going hiking. I believe if you are ambitious or overly ambitious or try to prove something you take on way more than you should.

The best thing is simply cutting back, delegating and saying no. By delegating I mean, asking for help, proactively saying “I can’t do it” and that’s okay. Don’t feel guilty.

Here are a few things I have been trying to do even though this hard sometimes.

Live in the Now
What helped is trying to remember to live in the moment. Sometimes when we overthink about what might go wrong or will change in the future, we miss out on life. OR lose a lot of precious time. Concentrate on now!

If you stress abut things that happen but you can’t change, ask yourself it this will matter in a week or a month or even a year. Most things won’t matter. It’s surprising to see.

If you feel bad about not working or catching up on work on the weekend, set a time frame. Tell yourself. 2 hours and I will be finished or 1 hours of emails - the rest is my weekend. Then you can lose the guilt.

Don’t over perfect projects or tasks, or life
If you have one thing at a time, do it perfectly. If you are juggling multiple things at once realise that good is good enough. Otherwise you will obsess over silly details and lose yourself big time.

Exhaustion is not cute on anyone
If you push yourself for one project or you know, this is now crazy life for the next 4 weeks and then I am done, go for it. If its a constant state of being, you might suffer from a lack of concentration, lack of sleep, anxiety.

When people say, don’t stress out so much or you need to chill, I always think to myself, you have no idea of how long my to do list(s) are. I don’t expect them to understand, even though if its meant nice but in the end I have a hard time de-stressing. 

Zone out - at least on the weekends
No phone, no TV, no emails, no calls. De-tach from those things. Read, enjoy, daydream, go for a walk, take a nap. Nature is a major de-stresser but for me it doesn’t do much if I don’t do it regularly. But it helps to go outside and catch fresh air if my mind is full.

It’s hard to detach from stress but we gotta learn how to do it. There are people who make it seem so easy, and others like myself who have hard time giving up responsibility or the endless feeling of always helping or pleasing. 

Remember, even when you say no or say that you need support, your work is equally great, you are enough and what you do or deliver is still good. 


by Teresa