Still up? Great, me too. Welcome to the club.
I am a night owl (sorta).

Remember Jana’s text on how she became a morning person and now loves it? Here is the equivalent for all you night babes. I am also a morning person meaning I don’t sleep in. I am usually up by 8am at the latest on the weekends and also during the week I get up between 6-7. What I love is working at night though. I believe I can be more productive then. My days are so busy and there are so many thoughts suffocating me sometimes that I get a kick out of working at home alone in peace and quiet, in tranquility and without interruptions. If you tell people, pople are weirded out because you apparently voluntarily work nights. They don't get it - this is just where I feel most productive.

While other babes might be long in dreamland,
I put on some to me calming music, some jazz or classical music usually, and work away.

Yes, I am sure that there are hardcore night owls that work until 5am in the morning and get up in the afternoon. I can easily go until 2 am in the morning where I feel like I get shit down without interruptions and no one rushes me. Yes, there is whole books about the morning glory and I read them and to be honest, I like getting up early so I have the feeling I have more of my day instead of sleeping in until noon. Same at night, I feel like my days are longer this way.

Here are some tips that help you recognize your preferred behavior and how to deal with it the right way. Also give yourself a break - these tips also help if you are not a night owl 7 days a week. Trust me.

1.     Accept it
You are not fighting it anymore but have accepted the fact that your nights may be more blissful in terms of getting things done and working productively. Awesome, so stop feeling bad about it (also don't let other people pity you or make you feel bad about it).

2.     Schedule your time wisely.
Find out your sleeping pattern as well as the exact time when you are most productive. Is it from 10 to midnight? Earlier? Later?  You know you have your high from 6-9pm. Great. Work around it!

3.     Schedule and establish a regular sleeping routine
... just like you would, if you went to bed sleep at 10pm. Don’t work until 2 and shut of the lights from one minute to another. Give yourself 30 mins to calm down, open the windows, read for a little or do some breathing exercise, put on your favorite tea, and to get ready for bed. Take this time into account when planning your night.

4.     Write a to do list
Tthey are just as valid at night as they are at day. Write down three things you want to get done in your most productive hours.

5.    Plan accordingly even though you are not a freelancer
If you are a freelancer, you can basically be well, a free bird and go to bed as you wish most of the times. But if you are a ‘regular’ employee and work 9-5 but are a night owl, not so much. So, plan your brainstormings, meetings, calls, answering of emails and more for throughout the day as well as the planning of your week. And plan uninterrupted research or strategic concepts do it when your brain is aligned with you.

6.     Let your boss know
If you are a true night owl who can’t get out of bed before 9 let alone start work „early“, but gets their high times starting at 6pm, talk to your boss about it.  Explain the background. If she/he is cool, she will let you work accordingly (come in later, work longer).

7.     Take breaks.
Yes. I go onto my balcony, watch the stars for a bit or listen mindfully to the noise that I hear when there are no cars racing through the street. After a few minutes I return and well, keep working.


by Teresa