Girls, it’s 2019. We are not big on looking back but I gotta admit towards the end of the year I felt drained, empty but still my mind was full with a million things. Anything from appointments, meetings, ideas, to do’s and worries were racing through my head. I could not catch a break. I had trouble falling asleep (nothing new but still), because usually as soon as I close my eyes my brain turns on the “overthinking starts now” switch. Who else knows this feeling?

Having your mind full of is simply delaying decisions. Once I heard this, it’s way easier to declutter your mind.

Anyway, and this very exhausting state of mind inspired me to write this article for you. I decided to find out why I feel this way and came to the conclusion to sort my thoughts, to gain power of my thoughts again and yes - declutter your mind. 

Here are some easy tips to get it right once your brain does what it wants.

Clean up

This one is an easy one: If you feel lost and don’t know where to start, start here: Declutter your desk, declutter your apartment.Clean up. Lose the shit that you don’t need. It’s basically the first step and it’s the easiest one.

Calm down

How? By letting the crazy and busy thoughts in. Yes, you heard right, let them in. At first. Give them room and experience them. Don’t shut them out right away.

Each thought you have, gives you a different feeling. Find out what it is?

Is it fear, heartache, nervousness, sadness, insecurity? Then re-visit this feeling, write simple things down how to feel better about the things. Can be anything – scheduling this appointment, because you simply haven’t and it gives you anxiety; schedule enough prep-time for the presentation because this makes you nervous. Make that call, because you have been putting it off because you will get in trouble, etc. Basically, set the actions and take them.  Don’t delay these decisions, because that’s where the stress is coming from.

Magic word: Prioritize

That’s how you can control your thoughts and worries and our to do list. By prioritizing things get visibly smaller. Prioritizing is also being pro-active which never hurt nobody. Don’t try to do it all at the same time, don’t multitask. Prioritize and you will be fine.

Take a closer look at all those negative thoughts

What are these and who or what encourages them and brings them out? What can you change to not feel this way anymore? Tracking these emotions and writing it in a journal or even only a piece of paper, helps to ease your mind, and yes, in the end helps you live a brighter life. Why? Because you get to the bottom of this. And then you change what you can change for now.

Watch your breath

Calm yourself, inhale and exhale. Concentrate on your breath when your mind is racing. Get apps like headspace or Meditation. Eyeroll? Trust us – they do help. 

Talk to someone

Sometimes there is just too much to see and all is too overwhelming. Talk to someone about it, ask for help. You are in too deep. If you have trouble prioritizing, ask a friend, your boss, etc. to review your list or lay it out for them and ask them for advice or what they would do.