I have been there. Sweet solitude is not always sweet especially if you have to go to a social event. I went alone to weddings, alone to concerts and alone to press events or birthdays, house warmings, and panel talks.  And you know what? I survived. I was fine. And I was always glad I went an overcame this insecure feeling.

First of all, if you ever get an invitation and you get no plus 1 or no one has time or it is simply strict guest list – go. Don’t stay at home thinking it’s the reason I declined the invite. True, for some it’s a piece of cake to be just you at any social gathering - and for others it’s almost a reason not to go. So we have gathered some tips and tricks for everyone out there that has ever hesitated or even declined

1. Smile and make eye contact
This is so simple. Yet, we don’t do it often enough. It signalizes that you are open towards others - and remember - a smile can lead to a million things. 

2. There is another person probably alone
You most likely will not be the only person at the event who is there on your own. So, don’t worry. So imagine you smiling at someone who is there on their own (like in 1.) and what that smile will. 

3. Greet people it’s the first ice breaker
Say hello to strangers. It’s very similar to the first point. A little hello can go a long way.

4. Avoid only looking at your phone constantly as a life savior
It’s so easy to look at this little helper to avoid awkward moments of being alone at a table. It makes you look less alone, it makes you look less buys busy. But also it makes you look less approachable. So put your phone down. Even though it’s hard.

5. Engagement is everything
Don’t stand in the corner (and be scrolling on IG). Observe your surroundings and engage when someone needs help, open a door, help someone with bags across the street. Approach people that are lost - guide them. Once you open the door to being proactive towards strangers in needs, you leave your comfort zone and your comfort zones grows beyond fear.

6. Enforce your thoughts
It’s okay to be by yourself and you have every right to be there. Don’t think “oh gosh, I need to go there by myself. I am glad once I am home again.” Think positively more like: “I get to go there and maybe I make new acquaintances.” See it as a chance to put yourself out there.

7. Simply start talking
After engaging strike up a conversation. Don’t overthink it, don’t worry. Simple start by introducing yourself. Talk about the weather if this helps you starting off a conversation. And even if it’s just a little bathroom small talk to get you going. Also, a great ice breaker: toast with each other!

Truth is there is nothing bad or nothing happening that you cannot handle when you go alone to a social event. It’s not the fact that you are there on your own. It’s more the fact that we worry what others think when they see us by ourselves. But who cares? You can break out of your shell and boost your confidence when talking to strangers. You can have a ton of fun as well by making new friends, relationships and yes, even memories. So just do it, you’ll do just fine!