Since this is a topic that we have already covered with a small IG story here is the reason why this is also a real talk. Because us girls cannot have enough reminders to screw our insecure thoughts and just hit the beach – no matter what size.

I’ve limited myself so many times on the pleasures of life and the joy of summer because I was insecure about my body.

I didn’t buy the dresses I fell in love with, I declined to hang out anywhere near water, I even took a lot of city trips to just not face the situation of showing myself at the beach. How concerned I was about my boobs and my thighs and my cellulite and my stretch marks. When I look back now, I feel sadness because I missed out on a lot of fun.

I made a lot of excuses. I kept telling myself, I didn’t have the right bathing suit or bikini and that my body looked ugly and fat in it. I told myself, I don’t have time, too much to do. Also, even more insecure made me going with friends, who had in my eyes the banging bodies. So, I declined or if I did go, I would feel so out of place and it put me in a sad state for days. I also didn’t really want to let my “skinny” friends in on how I felt because I doubt that they understood or if I did, they laughed and brushed it off. I always thought, oh they must have it so nice, they have so much less worrying to do. They don’t even have to concern themselves with these thoughts I had: You are the odd one out, the big one. The one that wears a tee at the beach. The one that’s not confident.

I thought my body – the way it looks – is not worthy of going to the beach. Which now I think was crazy to believe. Yes, this sounds like a pity party now, but I am just trying to be as honest as possible. I realized, once I would decline going to the beach, the river or to the lake, it gave me a (very short) piece of mind. I felt safe but on the other hand, I limited myself tremendously.

My comfort zone was to stay home but you gotta get out of the comfort zone which I did.

Someday I was just so sick of it or kind of over it. Somehow as I grew older, departed from a in hindsight toxic relationship, I found self-confidence and realized it’s about facing your fear and then finally accepting your body instead of accepting to stay home. Learning to love your body can take a while. From a state of mind, you gotta look at it this way: with your thoughts stay with your body, don’t drift off and worry and concern yourself with the bodies of others. Don’t compare yourself. This shit is toxic. You gotta be that strong and that confident to not care. Why? Because only you are in your body and you gotta stand by it. No one else.You only got one body, why hate it? You don’t need confirmation from boys or girls or likes. There will always be a girl that looks better, skinnier or more toned, more tanned, with more boobs – in your eyes.

To find confidence can take a while. Don’t put pressure on you and expect to be perfectly confident. It builds up over time. Took me years to wear a thong bikini. Now I love it. Took me a while to first find cool brands instead of granny bathing suits because they were the only ones with support.

Truth is, maybe you never feel 100% perfectly confident. And that’s okay. Why? Because you can fake it a little by little once it becomes like a habit and emerges on its own. And that will make you invincible; at the beach, on the streets,
anywhere you go.

You are worthy of going to the beach. Don’t hide. Plus, don’t ever think you will have more fun at the beach or by the lake if you weigh 5 or 10 or whatever amount of kilos less. No, you won’t. Don’t wait. Start having fun. Don’t limit yourself and don’t get used to putting things off, whether it's a bathing suit or a dress.

Start having fun now. It’s already July.

by Teresa