Okay, we are trying so hard to stay woke about all issues concerning mental health, feminism and so on. You feel us. What we noticed is that where some of us actively chose not to (ok, this sounds dramatic), but where some of us not stay too woke about is getting yourself checked by a pro.

We are talking vaginas and uteruses and boobs.

I am talking about regular visits to the gyno. About getting your tits checked out on a regular bases. About getting a pep smear, about going there when you actually have questions or don’t feel good.

Educating yourself is key.

The sex ed in school basically only scratches the surface. I had no idea except use condoms and take the pill if you don’t want to get pregnant. In the US the sex ed was more, stay celibate if you don’t want get preggers. Well great! I had no idea really about my cycle. I had no idea about alternative contraceptions. I had no idea about how my reproductive system really works and what I have to pay attention to and how its’s all connected. Sounds dumb - obvs I know how babies are made (eye roll) but I didn’t know for a while that you cannot get pregnant every day of your cycle. There are only six fertile days per cycle: the day you ovulate and the five days that sperm can survive in your body. And you can only ovulate once per cycle but can sometimes release two eggs per cycle. I had no idea that an egg cell can survive for 24 hours. Sperm for 5 days but we knew that. Men on the other hand are fertile all the time. 200 million sperm cells are set “free” when ejaculating. Knowing where you are in your cycle and tracking it helps you to understand your mood and prepping for your period. Knowledge is powerful. We could go on. Did you know that you are born with all your eggs? And that ovaries contain 1-2 million eggs at birth - once we reach puberty there are few hundreds still remaining. Did you know that there is a small chance to get pregnant while on your period even? (Reason is relatively short cycle like) We could go on and on…

We believe its vital to get checked out on a regular basis. It’s often too convenient to just go when you have major issues or when you really can’t help yourself anymore with pain killers or hot water bottles. We don’t wanna freak you out but it’s vital to get check ups not just once a year. 

Surprise, no one likes going there. You are on your back with your feet up in the air looking like a lady bug on its back…it’s not cute. Often appointments are rushed or you don’t connect with your gyno. Anyways, women’s health and reproductive health is not something you can look up online and be sure about it. Of course we do it too, we research and are in forums and we ask away but in the end, this isn’t a replacement for actually going there. 

Well, its scary yes. But isn’t it scarier that you stay in the dark. Ignorance is definitely not bliss in this case. We don’t wanna scare you, we just wanna urge you to go and get yourself and your body checked out.

If you avoid the gyno or are scared even, here is what you can do

  • Find a great gyno you can talk to and you can trust.

  • Put reminders in your phone after 4-6 months to go again.

  • Learn how to inspect your breasts, let your gyno show you the correct way.

  • Know about your family’s history - especially on your mom’s side. 

  • Know your body, keep a journal, know when you had your last period, know whether you had pain and what kind of pain, know how your body reacts, how you feel during pms, etc.

  • If you are scared, take a friend to come along and wait for you.

It’s breast cancer awareness month. This is a perfect opportunity to remind ourselves about taking things into our hands and getting not only checked out at the gyno, but also take your health seriously. And we are talking about mental health as well, we are talking about taking an HIV test regularly, we are talking about reaching out for help when you don’t know what do to do, about getting advice, get second opinions on big issues - so maybe look for a second gyno. We are talking about taking things seriously. We are talking about staying woke.