Not feeling yourself lately? We feel ya. Its okay to not feel 100% cheery all the time or positive all the time. Whether it’s the PMS, the fall blues, whether it’s something that has happened, whether it’s simply without a reason - it happens! Sometimes you feel disconnected with yourself and lost. It’s not a pretty feeling or state to be in - but girls, let’s be honest – it happens.

Since we are no strangers to this feeling, we rounded up 10 things you can do (or try at least) to re-connect with yourself again.   

1.     Giving emotions space
… is more than okay – also the negative ones. They can help us reconnect with ourselves. What we mean to say is, if this is happening, don’t ignore them. Don’t pretend or cover them up, don’t distract yourself. Because we know it won’t last long – the distraction. So, lose Netflix and concentrate on you.

2.     Write it down
If this goes on for a while, keep a diary. Try a feelings chart if you have troubles defining how you feel or when you feel disconnected. Write it down to put it in perspective.

3.     You don’t have to have a reason:
Don’t desperately try to force it and find one particular thing why you feel this way. If you don’t know why you feel disconnected, don’t concentrate on the fact that you don’t have one reason but rather focus on ways to feeling better.

4.     Do you.
You know - we preach self-care. But do you mindfully practice it? And we are talking more than a face mask. Taking time out of your day is important. Schedule it! Block your calendar. Figure out stuff that really is good for you. Is it meditating, is it getting a massage, is it just reading or talking a walk or talking to a friend? Whatever it is - form a habit out of it. You know what they say, it takes 21 days to form a habit.

5.     Be grateful!
It sounds silly, but it helps a lot. Count your blessings, the small ones, the tiny ones. All the blessings! if you think of three things every morning you are grateful for, you will start your day better. It’s also a mindful practice.

6.     Be your biggest fan
… or become your biggest fan AGAIN! Write down positive stuff about yourself, all of the things and qualities you are proud of. Collect them. Write them down. And don’t be shy about it, don’t hold back. It will help you to appreciate yourself (again)

7.     Eliminate things
Eliminate whatever makes you feel stressed, sad or disconnected. Once you have figured it out what causes or ads to your feeling. That’s why you keep the diary J

8.    Feel your body
It’s about literally feeling yourself again, isn’t it?  Easiest way to feel your body? Go work out. Push yourself. Nothing feels better than sweat running down your face and feeling your heart race.

9.     Do something new!
You need to feel grounded again. So go for it. Do something on your own. It’s the best and easiest way to reconnect. Take a trip alone. Go to a class alone. It will boost your self confidence. Do something where you have to trust yourself and your (social) skills, etc. Something that makes you feel “alive”. Maybe it’s scary at first, but then you will love it.

10.  Disconnect…
You don’t always to be reachable. Nature is your super helper here. Going into nature feels annoying, especially if you are not a nature freak - but from our experience we say: go for it! Go for a walk, just 20 minutes are enough. Go without a phone, go without headphones, just breathe and watch.


by Teresa