5 things you can do now to feel more confident at work


I’m gonna be very honest: Confidence is one of the major success factors in most jobs. Your confidence determines your salary, your position, your projects. The good news is – we all can be confident at work. It doesn’t matter if your introvert or extrovert, it’s all about being yourself – simply owning it – and planning. Because if we have a few simple things in mind, it gets a whole lot easier. 

1.Dress up!

Who doesn’t know the feeling of being at work, going to the bathroom and the bad lighting and the last minute poorly put together outfit is low key a big downer? So put in some effort! Not for anyone else, but for yourself.

No matter if you feel confident in boyfriend jeans and sliders or in a pencil skirt and heels, what matters is that you wear something that makes you feel sexy and good about yourself.

Try to save yourself some time in the AM and put something together the night before – I started this and I actually love it! I finally managed to find something that takes the stress out of my mornings and give me more time to relax and get my mind right before work.

2. Prepare yourself more than you need to for meetings

Trust me, I am not one who jumps when it’s about doing extra work. But this helped me a lot. I feel that it’s key to be prepared at work, no matter if you’re leading the meeting or not. And I’m not saying you should do it for the sake of the others (yes, that as well, but it’s not the most important thing), you should come prepared to make your life easier. So write your shit down. Have the answers to possible questions. 

3. Put your phone down

Especially in meetings. It’s tempting to scroll through Instagram when something doesn’t concern you, but it’s not professional and also kinda rude. I have to admit - I’m definitely doing it all the time but I’m trying to get better. Why? Being present shows respect, it shows that you’re taking your job serious and you don’t miss anything that might be important at one point. There’s nothing worse than getting asked a question and you have no idea what it’s all about because you’ve been scrolling through gram.

 4. End your day on a positive (and planned!) note

We tend to write our to do lists in the morning, but I think it’s even better to do it at the end of the day. Knowing what’s on your list for the next day, will let you sleep more peacefully and you won’t forget about any meetings or tasks that you’ve planned a while back and aren’t fresh on your mind anymore (that definitely happens to me a lot).

And in the end, nothing boosts your confidence more than having your shit together.

Also: Feel free with rewarding yourself with something small for a fulfilled to-do-list. This can be something small like a sheet mask or a donut. 

5. Get yourself a work wife/husband

Having an ally or a trusted person makes every day better and easier. It doesn’t matter if you need advice or simply need to rant away, having someone at work who has your back is beneficial – not just for your career but also for your mental health. So treat your friendships at work with care and make sure, the person knows how much you appreciate them. 




by Jana