Think for a second, really think about it. Do you like being alone? Do you know what it feels like and do you enjoy it? Personally, I love it. We are social beings obviously and super strong connections to other people are vital and nourishing for us. But the alone time is valuable me time. I can focus better on things and quite frankly, I can do as I please and take care of all the things that are on my list and in my head. The much devoted time I spend on myself in piece and quiet I cherish so much and I need definitely.

If you cringe at just thinking you have no plans for the weekend yet, this is for you

The me time is essential. Some people can’t stand it and want constant plans and entertainment. I remember when I was in college people would ask, what are your Plans for Sunday? And I‘d say, nothing. And they would instantly say „cool, then we can go for coffee and the movies“ and I would think: no, I just wanna be by myself - but still agree. Since then a lot has changed and I can very well communicate when I don’t want to hang out. 

But here is the break down on why it’s so important to be alone from time to time, how beneficial it can be for your personality and how of you can learn to „stand“ it and why it’s essential to be alone even when you are in a relationship. 

Being alone vs being lonely

We have to wrap our heads around that being alone is not a bad thing - and we need to understand it. It does not mean that you are lonely or anti-social. You can reboot your brain and literally clear your head. That is the biggest advantage I personally found. Your productivity might rise because you can focus and have the time for one thing. You have no distractions, you most likely do the things you really want to do and end up finishing. Ipoh habe time to reflect and to work through things in your head without distractions. I feel more energized. You might even value relationships better or differently. Maybe your conversation might even improve. Why? Because if you make mindful plans to hang out and chose who you spend time with wisely, because you don’t see each other every day constantly. Also, when enjoying sweet solitude you don’t only recharge, you well, have to make all decisions on your own. Sounds selfish but it’s not. It’s just you being responsible for everything you do. No peer pressure, no convincing from someone, no judging from someone. You don’t need any approval from anyone when doing things (or not doing anything) on your own. Well in that case, it’s simply more stress free.

If you cringe at just thinking you have no plans for the weekend, keep on reading.

Sometimes we have to learn to be just you and your sweet self. If you have a hard time, just start slow - and make no plans for one day out of the weekend. You might even get more creative, your confidence improves as well. Your weekend plans or how busy you are on your free time does not represent your value or if you enjoy life to the fullest. Some quiet space allows you to re-evaluate your life, the path you are own, maybe you want to spend time on looking at your progress, maybe you want to plan new goals for yourself. 

If you have a hard time being on your own and enjoying the time you have for yourself, start easy

You can start super slow - you don’t have to center quiet time around the weekend. You can incorporate it into every day. You can start easy with just setting aside 10-15 minutes for yourself without electronics or email every day. Whether it’s during your lunch hour where you spend this time alone to recharge or whether it’s one evening out of the week that you reserve to yourself without any plans. If you move along further, you can reserve one day out of the weekend for yourself.

When you are in a relationship and feel like you need time to think or to just do things your pace and in peace, it’s totally fine. It’s super vital to have time to recharge - even when you love your partner very very much. Don’t feel bad to spend time alone. Just be open about it and explain that is nothing to do with her/him. It will improve the relationship.

In a world full of constant connection and being present all the time, the mindful time with yourself to me only has benefits and becomes more and more important. Don’t let yourself feel pressured or being pushed into thinking that being alone means loneliness. It means sweet solitude, it means respecting yourself and it means sweet ass self-care, that can come in any form as we know so having a little quiet time for yourself is just one them.


by Teresa