Oh, oh, we love them likes. We don’t deny it. (Who doesn’t?) But there are some times where the Gram has you under control too much? We feel it too. So we put a little list together on mindful and fun things you can do and start appreciate other things more. Remember, a like is just a like after all. Try these things instead every once a while because they are simply more important. This article was inspired by a one that we read on the Everygirl - we loved it so much and it got us thinking if we could come up with things.

So here are 15 things you that are more important than likes on the gram.

1. Opening a window on a chrystal clear Saturday morning and inhale. 

2. Appreciate it. Appreciate it big time.

3. Waking up earlier than everyone else. There is something thrilling about being the first up.

5. Realizing it’s Sunday morning after thinking it’s Monday for 2 seconds. This is the best!

6 .Re-reading old birthday cards
 I collect them from special people and keep them together. I have cards from my grandmas who long passed away but I love reading them and looking at their handwriting.

7. Reading about a topic you have no clue about
We get lost in topics that interest you and where you have passion for. But also try reading something in a new field you have no clue about can be so cool. 

8. Listening to your favourite record from your teenage years I bet you, you know every lyric still.

9. Scroll all the way back: Watching old videos on your phone you took 2 or 3 (or more) years ago. It’s funny. It’s cool and weird at the same time to see how much you have changed.

10. Look at puppiess: Look at many puppies. Look at pictures pets from your childhood. Ask your mom to send you some. It will give you the warmest feeling.

11. Books are everything: Re-read the book that has had the most impact on you in your teenage years. This will be a nice one to go back to it. You will read it differently the second time around.

12. Do a good deed
From donating, to helping out neighbors, to simply hold up the door - whatever it is, it will make you feel good.

13. Bake something: Sounds silly at first. It’s about taking some time and creating something that you can share with your friends, co-workers, etc.

14. Dance in front of the mirror and sing along to your fav songs. Basically, dance like no one is watching. Will put you in a better mood instantly. We promise.

15. Go to the most crowded place in your city - on Sunday early morning. It will be so nice to have the feeling that you have your city back.


by Teresa