PMS is so real girls! Since we are not friends of taking pills we LOVE femna. Their teas are amazing and costumized so whatever your biggest issue is during PMS (anxiety, mood swings, etc) they will have the right one for you. - J

Yes, a luxurious shower gel may be not essential while on your period, but it sure gives you a better feeling. This one by Byredo smells heavenly and feels silky af on the skin. - J

As you might know, we love face masks and during the period self care and love is extra important. This one preps your skin especially well before applying make up which is amazing cause at least my skin is at its worst during my period. - J

Zone out at any time! This sleep mask is cute af, a bargain and will help you get your nap time. - J

It's pink and it goes in your vagina – and it's not what you think! It's a menstrual cup made out of medical silicone which is latex- and perfume-free and without chemicals and it's hypoallergenic.  A nice alternative instead of tampons.- T

When I am on my period, I wear extra cute undies. Why? Because. And because panties from Love Story look extraordinarily cute. - T

A while a go I decided to get off all the shit that's not good for my body: meat, dairy, the pill and yes, toxic tampons. I was so sick of putting stuff in my body I knew so little about. That's why I changed to tampons out of 100% certified organic cotton, which are chlorine- and perfume-free, without rayon or dye and are biodegradable. Basically only good stuff for your vagina!  - T

Ah good book is essential for me during my period, because I really like to be by myself from time to time. "We're going to need more wine" by Gabrielle Union is such a beautiful read! Funny, witty, moving - this one willl keep you turning pages.- J

Don't you feel you are way more emotional through your period? I do! Get a cute journal and write it down: your thoughts, your emotions, your ideas, your feelings and whatever you feel like needs to go in there. -T