Our friends from Womom started this amazing campaign, that’s all about our relationship with our bodies and the restrictions and judgement we face every day as women. Naturally I participated. And it inspired me to think deeper about my relationship towards nudity and how it has changed over the years, because oh yes, it definitely has.

Recently I started posting more and more pictures of me in bikinis, showing skin etc on social media. I didn’t used to do that, it really took me a while. Because what would people think of me? Let me tell you, I couldn’t care less anymore, because it makes me feel fucking amazing. Not that’ I’ve ever had a problem with nudity in general, just with putting it out there. But I’ve decided to say fuck it and just do it and I am so glad I did.

Our society has different standards and expectations towards us than towards men, that’s not a secret. And deep down, this is what keeps us from being naturally ourselves. It is so engrained in everyone’s brains, that we turned female nudity into something shameful and something that constantly gets sexualized. Freeing ourselves from all these restrictions isn’t easy. But we have to. Our bodies are amazing. We birth babies. We feed them. We go through our periods every damn month for a huge part of our lives.

Being a woman is powerful. So why do we still feel weird about showing our bodies?

First of all let me say this: Nudity is not for every woman. We all like to present our bodies in all kinds of different ways and we should be allowed to decide – that’s the beautiful thing. Some people feel empowered by nudity, some by modesty. This is something people still have a hard time understanding. And not just men, also women judge other women for whatever they decide to do with their bodies. Fact is, both is legit, so let’s stop juding other women for their choice, just because it’s not the one we would go for.

Key for getting to a place where women can comfortably choose, without being judged, is supporting each other, no matter if it’s what we would personally do.

That’s the most powerful step every woman can take right now, because this is something we can change immediately.

To dismantle the system, the most crucial change is the one you can make within yourself and for yourself. And that is the decision to put yourself out there in a way that you want – without being scared of other people’s judgements and opinions. And yes, it’s not easy. For me, there’s one thing that helps a lot – and that is keeping in mind that I don’t want people, who judge me for that, in my life. That might sound harsh, but showing skin doesn’t make me any less worthy of respect. From men or women. I should be able to walk along the street naked and still get the same amount of respect. I deserve it, no matter how I present myself and you do, too. Keep that in mind.

So next time you hesitate to post a bikini pic or a booty pic, stop yourself and ask why am I hesitating? What keeps me from doing it? And how will posting it make me feel?

Overcoming boundaries that society has put on us feels so bloody amazing. It will make you feel powerful.

And I can tell you, you will be surprised by all the positivity other women will be sending you for it. The people who are giving you shit for it? Well, I hate to say this again but - forget about them. They are not worthy of your time. Because fact is, you can’t please everyone. You shouldn’t want to please everyone. Life is not about pleasing anybody. It’s about living YOUR BEST LIFE, your truth. And empowering the amazing women around you to do the same, whatever it means for them.

If I see a woman putting herself out there, in a way that she wants, I can see that she’s feeling empowered as fuck and this empowers me. No matter if she’s fully covered or if it’s ass out, boobs out, all out. I love seeing a proud woman, a real queen. 

A woman who doesn’t give fucks about others judgement is pure magic. Let’s be that woman.


by Jana