founder of, an online destination all about spirituality - Berlin.

This girl is like family to me. I've known her since forever - she is my sisters best friend and we are from the same area. But besides the fact that I just love her for her honest, direct and beautiful self, she's also the founder of An online destination which is all about spirituality and living a mindful life. Which we are all about here at TG. So naturally, we wanted to know more about how and why she built this company and what we can all do to be more mindful in our every day lives. 

Tell us about your career path.

I am passionate about products. When I started my career as store manager for well-known fashion brands in the US, I experienced how meaningful the right product can be for every single customer. A pair of jeans can make your day or frustrate you until the end of the week. With my professional experience from retail business I moved on becoming a buyer. That gave me the opportunity to create product categories which were most appealing to my customers. And to select products which made them happy! After that I moved on to management side of the business to understand the greater picture. 

Why did you choose to build a company that’s focused on spirituality?

Spirituality plays a very important role in my life, but whenever I searched for products to support my mindful lifestyle, I realized that I did not feel comfortable having them around me. They didn’t feel at home in my apartment, I put them away, for example after my ritual of smoking or morning meditation – and they were difficult to shop for, too. That brought up the idea of founding the online destination for spiritual subjects, products and design. I launched my own product line “Soul Zen Studio” and I hand pick a variety of pieces from brands and partners I love to use myself. 

Have you always been spiritual?

Spirituality is part of my life since I was a teenage girl. I believe in astrology and alternative healing methods.

Life has proven to me again and again the power and intensity of spiritual encounters. 

What’s your first memory about spirituality in your childhood?

My parents took me on a round-the-world trip when I was five. While we were in Thailand I was allowed to join the locals in the temple every morning. I wore my own flower chain and lit my first incense sticks. 

How do you integrate mindfulness & wellness it into your daily life?

As I am a gemini my element is air. Nevertheless I feel a strong connection to water. I take a bath every single day I come home. It doesn’t matter how late it is or how tired I am. This time in the water is my personal ritual to finish the day and to clear my mind before I go to bed. I am also a passionate Kundalini-Yogi and my weekly lessons are a non-negotiable part of my calendar. 

Why do you think spirituality is more than just a trend but a lifestyle in a way? 

For some of us it might start as a trend and becomes deeper as time goes on. For others it’s an elementary part of their life.But all of them feel that spirituality fills a void in their lives and helps them to become a better version of themselves or just makes them feel more whole. So I am certain that no one will stop being spiritual in the future and hop on the next trend. Once you’ve experienced it and found the balance of body, mind and soul you will never go without it again. 

Where there difficult situations in your life where your spirituality helped you out of?

Yes, it helps me to make difficult decisions. At the beginning of the year I always meet my astrologer to map the situations and encounters I will be confronted with. This provides me with a kind of inner calm as a good basis for fast and precise decision making – in private and business!

What do you do when you’re having a bad day?

I sleep, I eat, I turn off my phone and I take the freedom to disconnect with the world outside until I feel renewed. 

Can it (spirituality) help with situations like depression, anxiety, etc?

I can only speak for myself, but I am deeply convinced that you can find strength and relief in spirituality and a mindful and conscious life.

What is selling best on your website and what do you think is the reason behind it?

Our chakra bracelets are in great demand as they combine a deeper meaning with the beauty of a gem. As well as the Happiness Planner which is a kind of traditional counterpart of the digital world because it encourages you to write down your feelings and thoughts in order to structure your mind – by hand, on paper!  

How do you source your products?

For Soul Zen Studio I source all over the world. I found amazing partners and every business trip turns more and more into visiting friends. Whenever I travel to meet the manufacturers who take care for our jewellery line, I feel impressed by the energy of the gemstones and crystals, chosen for our products. 

What countries are big on spirituality?

You can feel spiritual streams in every country. And in every culture, you find elements of spirituality which are quite similar – just with another characteristic or way of expression which to me proves that there must be “something”. In Asia, especially in countries with a hinduistic or buddhistic majority, spirituality has a strong presence in the every day life. Talking about Spiri 2.0 I would name the US and Australia.

Do you have tips for women who want to start becoming more spiritual?

Listen carefully, be curious, find out what attracts you most and what gives you a good feeling. Don’t take anything as a must, just as a maybe.

And don’t be too serious and strict with yourself. In my opinion it’s absolutely allowed to start the morning with a meditation followed by an ayurvedic breakfast and to have a big portion of french fries for lunch. Especially if this is what you need that day!

Why do you feel that we need spirituality more and more?

Our times are challenging, complex, stressful and noisy – especially if you live in a big, anonymous city. People aim for orientation, for some inner peace and silence and the connection of body and soul. They become more aware of themselves – many of them after years of exhaustion and excessive demands. To accompany them to find their unique introduction to a spiritual way of thinking and living is one of my biggest motivations. 


by Jana