Mindfulness is a big word. And it can touch so so many aspects of our life. At last weeks’ event, we had a panel talk on the topic - and of course, we don’t want to keep the things we learnt from you. So here are our favourite tips for being more mindful in daily life, even if your life feels like an endless to-do list.

Stop the multitasking

We do five things at once all the time, which is actually not benefiting us at all. With living a more mindful life, the most important thing is to always concentrate on what you are doing at the moment. This means: When you talk to a friend, listen and respond. Don’t scroll or look at your phone. Give that person the full attention. Or when you eat, appreciate the food. Think of all the work that was put into it until it made it to your plate. Again, don’t look at you phone while eating. The food deserves your full attention. These two examples stand for pretty much anything. Just try it for two days and you will see how it slows you down in the best way.

 Write a to-do list and stick to it

The first thing when you wake up in the morning should be a limited to-do list. Write that list with a maximum of five points. These five points are what you are working on that day. Nothing more, nothing less. If you have the energy afterwards, of course you can do more. But try to only do those five things without feeling guilty if you cannot do more. Also, if your list seems overwhelming, cross out the least important things and see how you can get around them.

Schedule your tasks

This is nerdy, but very helpful. In order to be productive and focused, you can schedule your to do’s the day before in your calendar. For example: If a task will take you around thirty minutes, plan those in your calendar. And when that time comes, you put your phone and everything else away and just do that. This will help you from getting distracted a lot. 

Make yourself your number one priority

You should always be on top of your to do list. Let it be a visit to the museum, a workout class or an extended beauty routine, you deserve to take time - so be more mindful with and for yourself. In the end, this is what matters in the long run, how you treat yourself.

Put things into perspective

We are tiny little parts of a big universe. So if you are too busy again, remember: Will these things matter in a month or a year? Most likely, the answer is no. This will help you a lot when it comes to dealing with daily struggles and how much they impact your wellbeing.



by Jana