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I’m a real morning person – I know, a lot of you won’t find that very likable, but that’s just how it is. I don’t even know why to be honest. Directly after getting up I just have the most energy, the best ideas and the biggest motivation. That’s why I try to get to my desk as fast as possible to work with all the fresh thoughts I’m having. That means my breakfast is rather small most of the times and sometimes even washing my face has to wait. I’d rather make use of all of this motivation right away and then I’ll have a longer break some time at noon. There’s not a real ritual for me, but my creative morning high is a huge source of energy for me.



I’m actually not a morning person at all. The nights are pretty exhausting with my two kids Tiago, 3 and Tavi, 10 months and don’t get a lot of sleep. My dream morning would be not having to get up at 5.30 or six after a hard night and just being able to lie in bed. Most of the times I’m lucky and my husband gets up, otherwise I would be absolutely kranky. When I get up, I feel a lot better and I’ll head to my favorite café called Little Rabbits at Wiener Platz (in Munich). I’ll drink a cappuccino and have a pain a chocolate in the sun before I open up my store.

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Within the last 1-2 years, my morning routine changed drastically. While I used to wake up with my phone immediately checking Insta and work emails, my mornings are now sacred to me. A great way to begin a day is to ignore anything digitally for at least one hour after waking up. No messages, no emails, no nothing. My mornings start with a big glass of warm water and a Jivamukti yoga sequence, then I head over to make myself a smoothie and after showering continue with a beauty routine that is easy and enjoyable. A few self-care rituals are my fav way to start a day.


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The older I get, the more important my mornings are to me. I usually get up around 5.30, brush my teeth and head straight to the gym. Lifting in the mornings is crucial for me. I feel like I have more strength, but it’s also the one hour in the day that’s just for me and only me, because it’s mostly before everyone wakes up. In general, the mornings are where I’m the most focused, productive and creative. When I’m back home around 7.30, I have a shower and do my skincare routine. While my serums are soaking in, I make a coffee with oat milk and take my supplements. Then my fave part starts: The make-up. I’m a huge make-up fan and it’s just so much fun for me to play around with it. While applying, I usually watch a Youtube video. I love Jackie Aina, Desi Perkins or Patricia Bright – these girls just get me in the right mood for the day. After that, I’ll get dressed, say goodbye to my boyfriend and head out. 



I love love love the morning hours. I’m such a morning person, seriously. I’m the type of girl who, when having to catch an early flight or train, will still have a slow breakfast at home - even if this means getting up at 4am. 
Since I became a mom that didn’t change much: I get up around 7 am, which is when my baby wakes us. After 5 minutes of morning cuddles, it’s daddy’s time to cuddle and  change the first diaper, so I get my sacred morning time. 
On good days I mediate for 10 minutes using the mediation app Calm. If my bf has not much time in the morning to look after our baby girl Lotta, I skip this and directly wash my face and put on my beloved morning Ceramidin serum from Dr. Jart+, La Roche Eye cream with Retinol and Kiehls Facial cream Rosa Arctica. I adore great skin care and this ritual plus the fancy products already make me feel like I had some quality time.
I then prepare half a cup of hot lemon with a quarter tea spoon of pink Himalayan salt - which apparently is good for cleansing the kidney, when you drink it first thing in the morning. I got this tip from a gym trainer once. I’ve been doing this for 3 years now religiously and it makes me feel refreshed instantly. Then I prepare my hot bowl of porridge in a blend of oats, seeds and nuts - half with water, half soy milk. Always adding berries on top: either fresh if it’s summer or frozen ones if they are not in season. 
With a cup of soy latte, tea and the porridge bowl I either sit on the couch eating and  reading, until my bf drops the baby in my lap or I directly go to my desk, with a nursing pillow on my knees and breastfeed Lotta while I have my breakfast.
Sounds simple but these 30 minutes are pure bliss to me. 



I always get up super early - most of the times around 5.30. The night before I make a list, with everything I want to achieve the following day: I always start with the least fun things. It makes me feel great to scrap that off my list before the day really starts. At 7 I go to work out: That’s non-negotiable for me, unless I’m travelling somewhere. Working out gives me energy and power. I’ll try everything, from indoor-cycling to HIIT or Pilates. Before I go to the office, I meditate for 5 minutes. That helps me to feel calm and focus throughout the day.


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I usually get up between 6 and 6:30 and I try not to be on my phone right away, but sometimes it helps me wake up better. Basically the first thing I do is use the loo and brush my teeth and clean my face. Skin care before coffee, always. Btw, coffee is already made - so when I get up and go to the bathroom the smell of freshly brewed coffee is lingering in the apartment already which I love so much. I always dreamt of having a coffee maker with a timer like I saw in movies when I was a teen, so like magic, coffee gets brewed before my alarm rings. The next thing I do after I poured myself a cup of coffee, I open all the blinds and the door to the balcony. I love the fresh, crisp air in the morning - this really helps me wake up. I rarely work out in the morning because I feel like it stresses me out and I don’t have enough time (which is just in my head). After my shower (where I usually think of my to dos for the day and set the mood or intention for the day re-enforcing positive thoughts) I put on music (this makes everything better and lighter and puts me on a good mood). Then I check the news and my emails and go through my mail if there is any bills, etc. (I hate that and try to get money transfers or calls for insurances, etc. all the grown up stuff out of the way in the morning). Before I have to leave to go to work I kiss the boyfriend goodbye, headphones on and I am out.