Taking pictures of yourself has even in times of Instagram sometimes has a weird connotation. It can be seen as vain or self-absorbed. I say it’s healing.

I’ve taken SO MANY of them through the course of my social media life – some of them I still like, some of them I don’t. And I thought that nobody has any issues with that anymore. Well, I was wrong. Before writing this article, I asked a few girls from my office how they perceive selfies and it was fifty-fifty positive and negative. This stigma was honestly huge surprise for me, I mean it’s not like it’s something new.

 I think a selfie has a lot of beauty to it. 

Reason number 1, you’re the creator. You literally put creative effort in it. This can be your make-up, the scenery or finding the perfect light. You’re the creative director. 

Reason number 2, you can transport a message! You wanna show yourself with a bare face and take action in normalizing make-up free skin, go for it. You wanna show your intuitive eating to fight diet culture, do it babes. A selfie is the easiest way to get something that’s important to you across and it will be forever connected to you. 

Reason number 3, it will help you with your insecurities. We all have insecurities and taking selfies in public might be awkward at the beginning. But doing so more often in often will help you overcome this weird fear.

Reason number 4, and most importantly, you decide how to present yourself. How fucking empowering is that? Taking a selfie makes me feel good and powerful. Because it is my decision how I present myself to the world. When other people take a pic of you, they decide. And usually, they see you in an absolute different way than yourself. With a selfie, I’m owning all of that. And this is the healing part.

What I wanna say is: You got this. It sounds so lame, but just go for it. Take that selfie or even a selfie video and put it out there. Show your true self, the way you want to. There is nothing bad about taking a selfie. You have no reason to feel weird or insecure about it.

It’s a beautiful act, an empowering one, in which we can build bonds – with ourselves and with other women.



by Jana