Body image is one thing. Yes, we are all on the body positivity journey together (ALL BODIES ARE BEAUTIFUL) and we are strong, very strong believers in self love. But they way you feel about your body in bed (when you are actually letting someone all in, mentally and physically) with another person is a whole different thing. Do my tits look saggy in this position? Damn I can see my cellulite, they must see it as well! I don’t know about you, but I definitely caught myself thinking these things before. And to be honest, I despise myself for even thinking that. Why? Because I am convinced, that there shouldn’t be anything else than love for your body while making love. Yes, that was cheesy, but true.
I used to always think these things during sex. I never had super severe body confidence issues, but in bed I was self-conscious for a very long time. I was thinking my boobs are too small, he’s gonna find that boring. And that my body hair must be a turn off! I used to think all of these things, but the older I get the lesser I care. Here’s how you can stop worrying and feeling more like the sexy goddess that you are.

Stop talking negative about yourself. Eliminate all negative thinking about your body. This is a huge step in accepting yourself that will go miles! If you think a negative thought replace it with a positive one. Here’s an example. Negative: My boobs are so small. Positive replacement: My boobs are perky af. Or even go to another body part: I hate my thighs. Replacement: I love the way my stomach looks. Like with everything in life, focus on the positive.

Be more logical. The person chose to sleep with you. They already find you gorgeous.

Choose wisely. I have a lot of regrets about people I slept with so I’m not judging at all. But now, as I have changed and worked on myself a lot, I really want to say choose wisely who you sleep with. I’m not trying to tell you not to have casual sex, nope girl, hell nah, go and do your thing, have fun, enjoy -  just try to have sex with good people - in whatever context that might be. Sex is a literal exchange of energy. You are exchanging energy with another person in the most intimate and literal way possible. And good energy will make you feel good, bad energy will make you feel bad. Simple as that. So try to always choose someone who is good for you, your mind, your body and your soul.

Cut them out. If someone you’re sleeping with is making you feel bad in any way about your body, get rid of them. They aren’t good for your soul. 

Know yourself. Until you find full confidence, know the positions you feel most comfortable in. And then push yourself, bit by bit. You can do it girl and it will feel oh so good.

Feelin yourself is key. We all have lingerie where we feel extra sexy – use it, that tiny bit of clothing can give you the biggest confidence.

Work on loving yourself everyday. Know that you are worthy to be loved and desired. It all starts from within. Be in tune with yourself, work on yourself (mentally or physically, whatever helps feels right to you) to accept yourself fully. As soon as you learn to love yourself, you will feel like a freakin goddess and won’t tolerate anything less than the best.



by Jana