I have to admit: I love New Year’s resolutions.

It’s like you can smell all the new beginnings, there’s a certain mood in the air, like everyone really means it this time around.

Like this year, we’re actually changing something in our life for the better. It’s contagious. Every time I see someone post something about it, it gives me this bit of energy, makes me re-evaluate my own life. And make plans, big ones. And small ones. But how can we manage to stick to them?


First of all, we have to realize that we always bring baggage into the new year. Most of the time, the baggage is within our mind and soul. Unresolved fights, friendships and relationships we doubt, but aren’t ready to give up yet, jobs we should quit and heartbreak that just won’t heal. Know that baggage is ok. It’s human. But try to resolve as much of it as possible in the old year, even if it’s hard. Try (for yourself and the people around and involved with you) to start the year on a clean slate. Or try to resolve everything in January if possible.


It shouldn’t be a surprise but making plans for the new year is the key to reaching your goals. For example if one of your goals is traveling more, then you should also think of what you have to do to make it work. Do you have to pick up a side job? Rethink your financial planning? Keep these things in mind just as much, otherwise your goals will never become your reality.


Your plans shouldn’t just be things that concern your career of the people around you.

Thinking of what you want to do for your mind and soul is just as important, or even more important.

You will only be able to reach your career, travel, relationship goals etc if you are at ease with yourself. So make sure to include whatever you need for that. More me time? Meditation? Reading? Yoga? This is the shit, that’s actually important. Getting your mind and soul right is what will get you places in the end.

Coaching, therapy, whatever you need to own this year, make sure to make yourself the number one priority.

Write that shit down.

I personally love to do a vision board. I write all my goals on a white board, include inspirational pics and so on and then I pin it somewhere where I can always see and read it. Visualization is so important when it comes to reaching what you want so for me, this is the key step. You can also easily do that in the first week of the new year, this will get you in the right spirit right away.


As much as I love all of this: Don’t go crazy about it. Just give it your best, it’s all about the way you feel. And you should feel fab. 

All in all, the beginning of the new year is an illusion, but a beautiful one.

Because no, you don’t need a date to start fresh, but it feels damn good to have one.


by Jana