Do you always feel satisfied in bed? If the answer is no, this article is for you. Why? We all deserve to get maximum pleasure and most of the time, the partner doesn’t just know what we like by chance. It’s on us to make our sex life a priority and to shape it the way it fits to us and our needs.

Find out what you really like

Masturbation is key to a great sex life in your relationship. In order to tell your partner what you like, you have to know exactly that. And there’s no better (and more enjoyable way). Play around and find out what really gets you going – and then share it.

Stop being afraid

If your sex life is a topic that’s not a main focus in the relationship, switch focus. Yes, sex is a dinner conversation or breakfast or whenever. There’s only right timing. If you feel like it’s something hard to talk about, you have to take the plunge. Communication is so important, not just to bring your point across, but also to find out what your significant other thinks.

Never NEVER fake an orgasm

If you pretend, your partner will think that something turns you on which actually doesn’t. So in the end, you’ll only harm yourself. If you can’t come, you can’t come. There’s no shame in that.

Give instructions

Put your partners hand where you need it, take charge and be unapologetic with it. You can say “no, not like that” and “please do this” or “I really enjoy that” anytime – and you should encourage the other person(s) to do the same, in order for you both to have a happy, confident, fulfilled sex life. If you want it to evolve and go from a solid 60% to 100%, you have to be open and assist your partner – and also the other way around. 


And be specific with it. If you highlight what turns you own the most, it will encourage your partner and he will go into the right directions. It’s also the perfect dirty talk.

Be consistent

I believe that one of the most beneficial things for a successful happy relationship is a consistent sex life. Yes, there are low phases and that’s completely normal. But in general, the more sex you have, the better it gets. The more sex you have, the closer you will feel to your partner. Intimacy gets deeper with consistency.

Remember - you have to find out what works for you and your relationship and this is very different from couple to couple. But: Make sure that you are happy with how it’s going and that you have the courage to change it if you aren’t.


by Jana