I am a very happy person. If people describe my temper and moods I often hear things like “super chill” or “always in a good mood”. And it’s true. There’s not a lot of things that get me out of my flow. That doesn’t mean I don’t have shitty days though. Like every person, I have my mental ups and downs. 

The downs mostly consist of 1. Overthinking. 2. Anxiety 3. Aggression. Doesn’t sound very charming, I know. First of all, I want you to know that it’s okay to feel like shit. It’s okay to be in a bad af mood. It’s okay not to spread positive vibes all the time. But important how you deal with it.


I think this is something we all do and it’s extremely hard to stop but it’s important – especially if you’re over-thinking conversations or events that lie in the past, because it’s literally not gonna help you. With that I don’t mean you shouldn’t reflect or think about what you could do next time but you shouldn’t beat yourself up or go crazy about it. That’s why every time I start overthinking I ask myself these question to put things into perspective: 

1.     Will this matter to me next week? In 99 per cent of all cases the answer is a clear no. And this most of the time clears up the situation for me.

2.     Can I change anything about it now? If no, stop thinking about it. If yes, find the solution.

If all of this doesn’t help you, talk to a friend/family member/your partner. They will put things into perspective for you.


I don’t have severe anxiety at all – just to make that clear, but sometimes it goes to a level where I can’t think of anything else anymore, especially when it comes to fear of losing someone (then I literally can’t do anything anymore) or anxiety about work stuff. And there I have more physical approaches.

1.     If it’s in the evening, meaning I cannot fall asleep, I start breathing very deeply and counting my breaths as well. It calms me down and distracts me always.

2.     In general, I try to go outside if I have anxiety. I turn on a podcast and just walk.

3.     I work out. If I’m in the gym, I don’t focus on anything else than my workout and the endorphins help as well.

4.     I turn on a podcast that inspires me. It’s a super simple technique for me to focus on positivity and good energy and direct my thoughts somewhere else.


 For most people, raging women are unacceptable, but guess what, we get pissed, too. I’ve always been like that and even had physical encounters when I was younger. Obviously, I don’t do that anymore but I still scream and throw things. This is not something I’m proud of – it’s okay but in general not a great personality trait. So this is what I do when I can feel that anger coming up: I remove myself from the situation. I go outside or just into a different room, sit down and take a deep breath. Or I work out. The gym is my space where I can really calm down, it’s good for my mental and my physical help and always, always helps me, big time.

Like I mentioned before, mental ups and downs are totally fine, girl! You can’t always be a ray of sunshine. But learn to deal with them. Try to control them. Be ok to live with them. It’s a journey and that’s okay.


by Jana