Even though we all do it or at least think about it, masturbating is something us women rarely talk about. At least not in the way men do. Or do you ever hear your girlfriends crack a joke about their morning masturbation? Well, I don’t think so. But let’s clarify once and for all (in case you didn’t get the memo), there is NOTHING dirty about it. Nothing weird. Nothing odd. It’s normal, it’s human, it’s an urge and completely natural. And beneficial for your health. Why? Read below.

1.     It lifts your mood

That relaxing feeling after you came? Well you can have that every day if you want to. No Yoga required. No spending required. The best thing about an orgasm is that it reduces stress and is a serious mood lifter. All the happy hormones, endorphins, dopamine and all that good stuff get released during an orgasm. Meanwhile the bad stuff like cortisol gets reduced. So feel free to get high every damn night, girl.

2.     It boosts your conifdence

Finding out what you like during sex with a partner is something you best find out by yourself first. Get to know your body and don’t be afraid to try toys, experiment with water or just use your hands. Feel free to try around. Masturbating is a way to gain more confidence in what you want and you will actually be able to show it to your partner. It also will boost your body confidenced, because it is literally the rawest and most literal form of self love.

3.     It helps with menstrual cramps

Yes, you’ve heard right! And it can shorten your period. Why? During an orgasm the uterine muscles contract and relax – and pain relief hormones get sent to the brain. Also, because of the contractions, the uterine lining can get pushed out faster, hence the shorter period. If that isn’t the best benefit, I don’t know what else to tell you, hun.

4.     It will help you fall asleep

Overthinking again? Masturbate instead. It might sound funny but try it. Take your mind off what’s bothering you and show yourself some love. If you go up to number one, all the hormones will help you relax and fall asleep faster in the end.

5.     It is self-care

Set the mood. Take you time. Light some candles if you feel like it. Masturbating is a form of self care (just like face masking) and if you make it into a ritual it is easier to get into it (if you aren’t already). If you’re new to masturbating or think it isn’t for you, try to integrate it into your next self care Sunday. It will ultimately benefit you, so give yourself some time to get into it.



by Jana