Connie is one of those people you see on Instagram and immediately fall in love with her gorgeous style and good vibe, so you just have to become insta-friends with her. The Londoner is a true multitasker: She doesn’t just blog on
@theclothesfiles, she also recently founded her own brand, called ELLE EST FEMME, which is all about sisterhood. Besides all of that, she’s also a Mum of two beautiful children, Chiara and Logan. How she does it all? Find out below.

Tell us a bit more about yourself!

My name is Connie, I’m 30 (only just recently), a mother, blogger, Londoner and content creator.

You have two instagram accounts - @theclothesfiles and @elleestfemme. What are they about and when did you start them?

My main Instagram is mainly about my personal style and what catches my eye, including sharing a bit about my life in my stories! The content is mostly street style! I like showing my personal taste and engaging with other fashion bloggers.  My other account is a brand I started to encourage womanhood and all things female empowerment. I think as women we just need to be a little kinder to each other and make our own rules, so I make slogan tees encouraging confidence.

What's the message behind @elleestfemme?

“Elle est femme” stands for she is woman. Everything that involves being female, a mother a sister a friend! I want women to uplift each other and create a supportive network! 

You have a daughter and a son. What values are important for you to teach them?

I think instilling confidence is one of the main things me and their dad agreed on.

There are enough people who will tear you down in life so having a strong belief in yourself means words won’t break you. 

Also I was painfully shy as a child and I can see how it hinders you! Kindness   and good manners takes you a long way, confidence is great but manners are always appreciated, no one wants an entitled child! Also that everyone is the same and believing that they are equal to everyone and can do anything. 

Do you raise them the same? Any specific thing you teach your daughter only or your son only?

I do raise them the same I think but there is quite an age gap between them so the comprehension isn’t there for my son as it is for my daughter. Their dad seems thinks I’m soft on our son lol! (But he’s just so tiny) I think I teach my daughter to be bolder more than my son, men have an innate privilege and a boldness in going for things, whereas  women feel like they can’t have something or have to do more to earn it.  

To my son I teach more than my daughter to be well mannered and a gentleman. He’s  going to grow up to be a black male and I’m quite conscious of the experiences he may possibly have to face in the future.

I think just making him ready for this and ensuring he doesn’t get misled or influenced easily. 

How has motherhood changed you overall?

I think in both body and mind I am just so much more aware of what and who I let into my life, both mentally and physically. Nothing makes you realise how good yet awful life is and when you have a young child consuming and observing and learning from what’s around them you want to set a better example and expose them to positive people teach them confidence and better health habits.  

Your kids have their own instagram. (P.S. We think it's super cute). Have you ever gotten negative feedback about putting your kids on social media and how do you deal with it? 

Yes, initially I was hesitant putting them on social media and for my son we had a rule that we wouldn’t feature his face even on my Instagram just until he was at least 1 years old. My daughter has such a natural talent and confidence and has begged me to do YouTube for years, so I gave in recently. I’ve had negative feedback - but mostly family members who in the end became quite supportive when they saw the fun and genuineness in the kids post. It’s also a great way for me to chronicle them growing up! Like an online diary! 

What do you think is currently the most exciting thing within the feminist movement?

I think women’s attitudes are changing in terms of they aren’t asking to be heard, they are demanding it! They are so many movements and the recognition of intersectionality within feminism too! Social media has been a great way to find your tribe and feel a part of the conversation on a grand scale!  

Do you feel like the way we women see ourselves and each other is changing at all?

Yes definitely, I think women in this day and age are so over being pitted against one another! We are also over seeking approval and being told what’s appropriate behaviour for our gender!

I think we are learning that not every girl is your competition and that allowing another flower to bloom doesn’t stunt your own growth! 

How do you combine being a mom of 2 and building a brand? Any tips or advice?

I think time management, I would love to say I know what I’m doing, but I think as moms we are all just winging it and hoping our kids don’t turn into little cretins. I note pivotal moments and events and planning ahead making sure I also create moments and memories with the kids on special days!  Making sure I’m spend enough time with the kids but also enough time doing what I love  is also quite important!  A happy mum means happy kids, and I believe working on your individual passion sets a great example to your children to follow theirs. Their dad is such a great help and it really helps, when I need to do something for my blogging or brand to have a boyfriend who is supportive and encouraging. 

What's your goal for your brand and for your social media? What do you wish to reach?

I want to increase my reach and grow my following making sure I share not only my passion for styling outfits but also writing and building my Elle est Femme brand!

Of course I would love to have millions of followers and maybe be the black British Chiara Ferragani but right now I am happy with a supportive community and creating a following that influences in a positive way!


by Jana