Who else is guilty of being so caught up in their own shit that they sometimes forget how important random acts of kindness are? I am, so consider this your (and my) official reminder. There are so many things you can do to make another woman’s day – they are not complicated, they don’t require a lot of effort but it will make her day better, I promise. And we all know, giving is the best feeling.

Bring her a cup of coffee

Chances are, you know your work wife’s or bff’s taste very well, so next time you see her, surprise her with her favourite coffee. Easy, but effective.

Send her a heartfelt text

We often reserve those texts for hard times and heartbreak. But a random text that you send a friend to tell her how much you appreciate her is rare, but beautiful. And takes you five minutes. Let her know how much you appreciate having her in your life and all the things you admire her for – doing this from time to time will strengthen your bond.

Buy her tampons

Organic ones. Most of us need them and it’s such an easy thing to do! If it’s your coworker, put them on her desk or in her drawer and if it’s a friend, just bring them casually. Or even better – get her a subscription. It’s not super expensive, but it will make her life better.

Get her a set of reusable straws or a reusable shopping bag

I know, this is hella random but let’s face it, we’re all trying to be greener and this is something so easy but so helpful. It’s important to start skipping plastic and this is a great step! It’s doesn’t cost a lot of money but it’s something we often neglect or forget. So buy it for her and put it in her bag as a surprise – she (and our planet) will thank youo.

Cook for her

A home cooked meal is everything! It doesn’t matter if you invite your bestie of bring your work wife some home made lunch, she will love it because it saves her time, money and effort. So if you know she’s having a super stressful time, this is a cute and easy thing that you can do for her.

Send her flowers

Cheesy but cute. 

Write a postcard

When’s the last time, you received a postcard? Well, it’s been a long time for me! I love handwritten things and a nice postcard is beautiful. It can be filled with words of appreciation or an invitation to a movie night – whatever you wanna write to her, send it to her randomly. She will love it.

Go on a walk in nature with her

Most of the time, we meet for dinner or shopping but a good old walk in nature is not just perfect to chat, it’s also good for you and much more communicative. Leave the phones in your pockets (or even better at home), just catch up and get some fresh air.

Sign her up for a new workout class

You both wanted to try barre, kickboxing or pilates for a while but haven’t gotten to it? Set a date (if necessary, clarify with her partner, sitter etc) and book the class for her and for yourself. New experiences strengthen any relationship, so go for it!

Spa night on you

Get some sheet masks, a glass of wine or some tea and just chill together. Make sure, she doesn’t have to organize anything, because this night is on you and you’ll both feel great afterwards.


by Jana